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Rotating Text and Graphic Parts Together in GeoServer SLD Point Layer Label

I am trying to develop an SLD style for GeoServer that represents the label of a point layer based on one of its fields. The label has a text part and a graphic part, which is a square with the length ...
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Adding styles to a new feature in Google Earth Engine

I am new to Google Earth Engine and JavaScript. I have created a dropdown box and a button. The dropdown contains sub-district names from a shapefile. After clicking the button, the selected place is ...
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Mobile friendly Styling for Esri Widgets in JavaScript 4.x API and Calcite

Has anyone had difficulty (or experience) styling Esri widgets for mobile friendly use? I am currently working on a routing application whose code structure (I believe) makes it impossible to access ...
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Changing the raster layer symbology in QGIS with PyQGIS is not reflected in the layer properties. How to fix this?

I have managed to alter the raster layer symbology, even creating my own symbologies, in its different variants 'multibandcolor', 'paletted', 'singlebandpseudocolor' and 'singlebandgray'. Changes are ...
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Categorized symbology inside categorized symbology

I want to make a complicated symbology for my layer. Now it's categorized on column use and I want to add a term "If use=street, different symbology to lamp_type column (H=(x),L=(y) and others=(z)" (...
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Loading style (*.qml file) to layer via PyQGIS?

Is there any way to load a *.qml file to layer and set a style to it in python (pyqgis)? Can I 'get into' this file in console? I want to review it.
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Problem with Attribute Assistant Expression Command

I am using the Attribute Assistant add-in to perform multiple steps when a new feature is created. Two of the important steps are: generate a unique, incremental ID (project ID) and then use that ...
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Problem with expression syntax in Attribute Assistant

I am using Arc 10.3.1 and attribute assistant. I would like the attribute assistant to autopopulate a field called [Supervisors] with a conditional statement depending upon the values of other fields....
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QGIS layer with enhanced shadow style

is it possible to enhance the shadow effect to choose the value from the table instead of mm or pixel? maybe in the next version of QGIS. Or is there any other workaround
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What exactly to write inside legend_exp column so that color Legend is seen in Qgis2Leaf?

I am new to qgis2leaf. I am getting the through qgis2leaf plugin. But as one can see i am not getting a color legend. I need to get the colors of bldg_use so that the map becomes readable. I ...
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Is Geoserver's "styler" plugin dead?

The "Styler" plugin for Geoserver promised flexible styling of your data, using the GeoExt library: The user guide tells you to first install the REST plugin, and then extract the styler zip file ...
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Is there a Postgis SQL Coding Style Guidelines?

Most programming languages have Coding styles. Some have defined standards, other have just some code of conduct that the majority of programmers follow. Standard coding styles are have obvious ...
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