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The term for when two features share common vertices, either in adjacency or overlap.

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Understanding two points on top of each other after ModelBuilder intersect?

A model I'm making is creating two points on top of each other after intersecting a grid (fishnet). There's only 2 lines crossing each other at these points, so the output should only have one point. ...
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How to merge two lines of polygons?

In QGIS 2.6.1, I have merged two polygon shapefiles. After the merge I am facing a problem at boundaries. So I thought of changing Polygon -> lines, manually deleting one of the lines at the ...
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Can I capture shared vertices with a Trimble GPS?

I'm trying to figure out how to use Trimble GeoXT and GeoXH GPS receivers to efficiently capture small farm fields in rural areas. The main issue that I'm struggling with now is trying to deal with ...
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Snapping polygons while reshaping edges?

I have two Polygons, A and B, in two shapefiles. Is there any automatic way to reshape the edge of Polygon A according to the edge of Polygon B?
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Making polygon boundaries of different feature classes coincident?

I have two polygon feature classes: Cadastral layer and another polygon layer "zones". In both feature classes the polygon boundaries are coincident inside their feature but not between the ...
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Splitting polylines according to coincident (or touching) points with other polylines?

The question is unfortunately not answered yet. I'm looking for a method or python script to split polylines according to coincident points with other polylines, but avoid splitting the ones which ...
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IDW: Default Maximum Distance and Coincident Points

The ArcGIS Help file says the Default Maximum Distance, when using the Variable Search Radius in IDW, is the extent's diagonal, however, no value is automatically filled in the corresponding box after ...
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Merge Spatially Coincident Features in the Same Feature Class

I need a way to programatically merge grid cells (polygon 15x15m) that are directly on top of each other and add together some of their attributes. I am working in ArcGIS 10.1 with the data stored as ...
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Delete a line between two polygons so I have one polygon

I have two polygons that are coincident. I want to merge them in to one polygon and delete the line that is between the two polygons; the merge didn't do it; it kept the line in between them. How do ...
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