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COLLADA is a royalty-free XML schema that enables digital asset exchange within the interactive 3D industry.

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Collada file mirrored when created with qgis2threejs in QGIS 2.18

When I export a Collada file from QGIS 2.18.23 using the amazing QGIS2threejs plugin version 1.4.2, my Collada file comes into Blender and Sketchup with the East West mirrored. This is not the case in ...
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COLLADA files and geographic coordinates

I am failing to understand something here, from the arcgis help page: "The Multipatch To COLLADA tool can be used to export multipatches to COLLADA files on disk. COLLADA is a 3D model format ...
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Exporting georeferenced collada from ArcGIS Pro to Sketchup

Using the Multipatch to Collada conversion tool on ArcGIS Pro I have been able to export 3D models and open them in Sketchup maintaining their 3D features, however they lose their spatial reference ...
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Textures on COLLADA models in QGIS 3D

Currently using COLLADA models in QGIS 2.14 and these appear to be black when I create a 3D model. I am aware that on the tool it says it is experimental. Is there a way that the textures of the ...
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Tutorials related to the transformation of building geometries from CityGML to KML/Collada?

I have some 3D building geometries in CityGML that I want to transform into KML/KMZ. Apparently the way KML works is to build the geometry in Collada and do the georeferencing in the actual KML file. ...
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Importing georeferenced 3D objects (Collada DAE) into ArcScene?

I need to import 3D objects created with Agisoft Photoscan into ArcGis Desktop 10.4.1 (specifically ArcScene). I know how to use the "Import 3D" function to import Collada files as Multipatch files in ...
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