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Sentinel 1 missing data

I´m trying to use the complete descending dataset (VV and VH) for a location in Colombia and must got the same number of scenes by band but it does not; in fact, there are 3 missing years of data for ...
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What type of coordinates are these and how to transform them to standard WGS84 (EPSG:4326)? [duplicate]

I have the coordinates : North = 861597.4129 , East = 1063313.808 All I know is that they should belong somewhere in the city of Cali, Colombia. I have tried different Colombian EPSG codes but I still ...
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Shapefile for Colombian Cities with District / Borough level outlines [duplicate]

I am looking for a shapefile for the city of Medellin and Bogota - Where it has the districts/Boroughs outlined I have been on a both Colombian National gov and Local Gov sites, as well as official ...
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Error when loading WFS layer. Missing coordinate reference system

I am trying to load several layers from: In the window "Add WFS layer" appears EPSG:6249, but after adding appears a second window, "CRS selector", where ...
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Same CRS different extent

From a WFS (with EPSG: 6247 displayed in the window) I added several layers and changed the CRS to EPSG: 3116 (the same I'm working on my current project). The layers are not overlapping even if "on ...
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Seeking Colombia municipality geometries

I'm looking for shapefiles (or some similar format) of Colombia's municipality boundaries. Wikipedia has a map that seems to be correct and which matches another dataset that I will eventually be ...
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Translating geometry from EPSG:23030 to EPSG:21818, then to lat long, using PostGIS?

I'm from Colombia, South America. I'm a computer programming student and I have to develop a prototype for a GIS system for my small home town using Postgis >= 2.0 as database back-end. The local ...
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Bad calculations with Colombian projection (EPSG:3116) in GeoTools?

Solved, reading mail-archive I can understand that there is a conflict between: gt-epsg-wkt-9.2.jar gt-epsg-hsql-9.2.jar I tested removing each one, with 'hsql' I get the same wrong result, but ...
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