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Produced for sale or serving commercial (profit-making) purposes. This includes both fully proprietary and open source hybrid business models (such as commercially supported open source software or commercial software where the code is proprietary but published openly).

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Can we use QGIS as commercial use?

Do i need to purchase the QGIS license for commercial use? Can i use the QGIS commercially in our project? I found the few variants of QGIS but the ...
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Company information (address etc .) for QGIS [closed]

In order to make a donation for developing QGIS, I have to submit to my company department all "QGIS" company (company name, address, telephone, commercial registry number ...) information that will ...
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Seeking marketplace intended to commercialize QGIS applications?

If we want to sell general application such as website theme, plugins, mobile app, game, etc, we can use envato marketplace, google play store, or other marketplaces for selling and buying application....
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Geocoding API: house number precision for Europe (Germany/Austria), other than google?

I am looking for an affordable geocoding option with the following criteria: commercial use <500$/month allows to store LatLng results in my DB house Number precision for Austria and Germany ...
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Acquiring Digital Elevation Models for Argentina from commercial providers

I'm interested in obtaining Digital Elevation Models for areas in the 20,000 acre range, as I use them to create contour maps for agriculture. The USGS Earth Explorer has a wonderful free DEM ...
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Is there any free or open offline satellite/aerial imagery for commercial use?

I'm developing a product for offline use in Brazil in rural areas where there is no Internet connection. I'm searching for a free imagery source which can be used offline in a commercial product. ...
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Where to purchase global boundaries data on city level for commercial use?

Recently I was asked to deal with an app geo locating improve project. It can't be completed without any boundaries metadata on city level. But so far most of my research led me only to things for non-...
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Can I sell maps produced from ASTER Global DEM V2 data?

I don't quite understand the term-of-use of ASTER Global DEM V2 data: By selecting 'Submit', I agree to the following: -I agree to redistribute the ASTER GDEM only to individuals within my ...
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Seeking commercial web service for LIDAR/DSM data in USA

I apologize for not knowing all the proper terminology to ask this question. I am seeking a commercial service for providing pay-per-use high resolution elevation data in North America. It must come ...
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Statewide (and more) Address Point data source

I am seeking a data source for a statewide address point layer. I do not need resident or business information at these addresses; I just need the validated structured addresses (preferably with ...
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OpenStreetMap content in commercial applications

I was considering the use of the OpenStreetMap API to retrieve vector features and combine them with other source data through a commercial tool. However, OpenStreetMap uses the Creative Commons ...
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What are the differences between spatial databases? [closed]

What is the difference between Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, SQLServer2008, SpatiaLite, and MySQL in terms of their spatial support. Are there specific use cases where each shines. What might you want to ...
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