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Questions tagged [conflation]

The process of combining geographic information from overlapping sources so as to retain accurate data, minimize redundancy, and reconcile data conflicts.

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ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 Select lines from a road network that are similar to another line layer

I am working on ArcGIS pro 3.1.2. I have two line layers with different information in the table. One is the road network and the other is the Gritting routes. The lines are not overlapping and can ...
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Automating line adjustment to a point or a series of points in ArcGIS Suite?

There are multiple toolboxes in ArcGIS Suite that deal with geographic transformation and correction, such as Spatial Adjustment, Rubbersheeting, and Snap. I'm not sure how to best use a tool to ...
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Transfer attribute and split line

I have two line dataset that represent the same roads: First one has very precise geometry Second one has an approximative geometry, but very interesting attribute. What I want to achieve is to have ...
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Seeking Conflation tool for QGIS?

Is there a tool to do conflation in QGIS? ArcMap has a tool but I need to use QGIS.
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Only Merge Line segments that don't overlap

I have 2 road/ line datasets. A & B. A is less detailed than B. I would like any line segment in B that is not in A, to be added to A. But only the lines not in A I do not want to add in ...
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Conflating two road networks

I have two line feature classes representing the same roads. Their geometries are only crudely similar, while their attributes are totally different. I am trying to add the attributes of one feature ...
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How can I combine addr:* tags in JOSM to create the addr:full tag?

I have about 400 addresses that I need to update in OSM. They have already been conflated using Josh Doe's Conflation plugin,, which my ...
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Conflation integration in geoserver

I have a task at hand to provide conflation functionality in our software. We are using JTS for other WPS operations. Open source JCS library is available but we need it as a WPS service integrated ...
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Taking attributes from state road data and adding to over lapping route data

Ok so... I am working on a project that is looking at the regional public transportation within my area and comparing it to the overlapping road systems. I want to display the different attributes ...
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ArcGIS Conflation Tool Recommendation or Custom Script for Comparing Points [closed]

Can anyone recommend conflation tools for ArcGIS Desktop (10 or 10.1, paid or free) or a scripting outline / procedure (or just a script) to have a technician efficiently process the following rules? ...
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Conflating Two Network Datasets in ArcMap [closed]

I am looking to merge two network datasets in ArcMap 10.0. I have an ArcInfo license and have trawled this site but am looking for some clarification. I want to merge two road networks but only make ...
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How to conflate terrain data?

I have an 8 km by 8 km raster of 20 m/pixel terrain data. The georeference data has been lost. All I know is that it's within 100 km of Smithers, BC. I realize that this might involve some very heavy ...
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Conflate (merge) private shapefile data with OSM data

Background Downloaded Alberta OSM data from Geofabrik and have it running on a private Linux server using PostgreSQL 9.1, PostGIS 2.0, Mapnik 2.1.0, osm2pgsql, Apache 2, mod_tile, renderd, and ...
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How to combine lines from different sources reperesenting the same road network but with slightly different geometry?

I have got two layers of polylines which represent the same road network but they are from different sources and have different geometry. The two layers are mostly the same tracks with larger or ...
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Using Integrate tool in ArcMap

I am looking for advice on using the Integrate tool. I have 2 road layers I need to conflate and find the mismatched ones. Is it possible to avoid any move from the master layer (the one with higher ...
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Seeking OpenJump tool for point/node conflation/matching?

Are there any OpenJump tools for conflating (matching) two layers of point (node) data? I'm particularly interested in using such a tool to sync data with OpenStreetMap, where I've created a wiki ...
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Metric/parameters to compare length of polyline

What would be a good metric to compare the length of two polylines? A very naive approach would be to define a maximum delta which the two lines can differ. I'm looking for more approaches. For ...
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Algorithms for matching segments [closed]

What are the best algorithms to match segments? I'm trying to match corresponding segments from two map sources, one less accurate but with segment names, and one more accurate without segment names. ...
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