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Restriction applied to attribute fields, excluding the field to accept certain values as input

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Adding length constraints to line features in QGIS

I want to add length constraints to my line feature column 'type' depending on the field value, to make it impossible to create a new line longer than x m. Below is a screenshot of the categorised '...
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How to make constrained Thiessen polygons in ArcGIS Pro/QGIS 3.26 [closed]

I want to make constrained Thiessen polygons in which the process of calculating polygons will stop when the each polygon touches the boundary line/coastline. How can I do it in ArcGIS Pro or in QGIS ...
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Attribute form constraint, using NULL

At 3.24.2, I have a Geopackage table containing two fields: "interior_observed" is a Boolean, with a Checkbox widget type, true or false. "egg_number" is an integer, with a Range ...
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Check constraint on geometry column is not working as expected

I am going through the QGIS Training Manual (16.5.2) and could not figure out why the streets table throws a violation check error as trying to update a geometry column. I checked a very similar ...
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QGIS constraint not null depending on another field value

Does anyone know it is possible in QGIS to add a constraint to a field not to be null, only when another field has a certain value. For example I have a field A that can be with value 'foo' or 'bar' ...
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Restricting the creation of lines for network creation in QGIS: start/end vertices must snap to existing vertices

My interest lies in network creation, however, knowing how to do that in general would be a plus. How is it possible to prevent a user from creating a line (line vector) without connecting it ...
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