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Copan is a free coordinate geometry (COGO) tool, used by land surveyors and civil engineers.

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Software for reducing manual theodolite observations

I have a set of survey data as a baseline traverse with side observations done using a manual theodolite (my elderly Cooke Tavistock). This is mostly horizontal and vertical circle readings plus ...
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How to enter quadrant bearings into Copan map check

I am attempting to convert, to a 360 degree basis, the normal bearings in a survey. The following are the original survey bearings (2nd column) and on the right (4th column) is the 360 basis amount I ...
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Data format for checking a land survey deed

A commercial property is in the closing phase of sale and the only hold up is that the deed description is one that's been lifted from prior deeds dating back to the 1950's and is obviously erroneous. ...
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Acceptable traverse field file syntax for processing on Copan, with azimuths reckoned from south

I'm looking for a way to properly process .RAW traverse data from Nikon DTM on Copan 11.11. These points, after calculations and processing, will later be used as points in a thematic map and a .dwg ...
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