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Questions tagged [coregistration]

in this context coregistration applies to the registration of images, such as aerial photographs, to a coordinate reference system.

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Coregistration for training and validation

If I want to use a 30-m raster as an independent validation dataset for a remote sensing analysis of 10-m and 20-m satellite imagery bands, do I need to coregister the 30-m raster with the 10-m and 20-...
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Python Error with Co-registration Plugin

When using the Co-registration plugin in QGIS 3.22.3, I get the following error about phython when trying to use both the Automated local and global co-registration tools. Here is the error: "...
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Coregister polygon with shifted coordinates and GeoTIFF

I have the polygon boundaries of a lot of buildings in GeoJSON as a Polygon: and I also have some GeoTIFF raster of the height of every pixel in that region: The problem is that some of the polygons ...
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Satellite images align in QGIS but not in Python (rasterio)

First time posting here. I'm working on my first remote sensing project to estimate forest structure attributes (e.g. forest height) using satellite images with deep learning. I've struggled for a ...
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Co-registration issue for the Landsat collection 2 level 1 products

While browsing through the Landsat image product, I come across an issue. The below images are two Landsat 1 scenes (Landsat collection 2 level 1). The problem is in the overlapping part of the ...
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Image registration params in OTB

I have two images from two different time periods that are not registered (don't align) as shown below. I understand that image registration is possible using OTB's FineRegistration feature. However I'...
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Georeferencing a GeoTIFF using with RasterIO

I am trying to Co-register a raster using Ground Control Points w.r.t. another raster using RasterIO. I have written a PoC, but having a bit of difficulty in measuring the quality of the final ...
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Masking Landsat-8 and Modis (Aqua) with same shape file doesn't result in same shape

I was trying to mask Landsat-8 and Modis (Aqua image). FYI, I have converted the MODIS image to the same projection as Landsat and same resolution as 30m. Finally once i am done with masking using ...
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Registration of a panchromatic satellite image to a multispectral image

I have a multispectral satellite image (RGB and NIR band) which will serve as the reference image. I also have several panchromatic (PAN) satellite images which I need to register to the multispectral ...
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Non-constant transformation of photogrammetric point clouds in R?

I have a process which attempts to register two forested point clouds using CloudCompare's Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm. Often times, warping (especially in the vertical direction) occurs ...
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Understanding difference between collocation and coregistration

I'm a little confused on this topic. I need to put 2 SAR images into same coordinate grid. In ESA SNAP tool, there are 2 options: coregistration: Radar->Coregistration->Coregistration ...
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Is image registration necessary among temporal Landsat images?

I am working on a project comparing each pixel every 4 years for the same AOI from Landsat Images (1986-2017). It involves with Landsat 5, 7 and 8 images. Do I need to perform image registration as ...
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KeyError running python script that aligns the grid cells of two rasters and does resampling if needed

I am currently working on a model that calculates the water balance of a basin "the VIC model". First we need to align (coregister) all of our input raster data sets to the grid template at the ...
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Co-registration of two DEM raster

I have 2 different elevation files, a ALOS GDSM elevation set & a DSM extracted from Corona imagery. Since the Corona file has some inevitable offsets (mainly in z, non-systematic across the area ...
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Relative positional accuracy vs. registration error - what is the correct terminology?

I have several aerial orthorectified images that I am using for vector-based (points) change detection. I have calculated RMSE using sets of points on static landscape features in the images (e.g., an ...
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How to use GDAL Correlator?

I need to align several images using FOSS. There is Correlator tool in GDAL (source) that seems to be suitable for the job. But I was unable to find documentation for it or a tutorial. Can someone ...
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