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Folium.geojson Multiline String doesn't wrap around the map, creates crossing lines across the map

I am having an issue using Python and folium regarding GeoJSON features. I made a simple map using folium and displayed tsunami information as well as specific colors for the different earthquake ...
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QGIS 3.30 organize labels with callouts for point-features in a circle around the map center

My hope is to get labels with callouts for a point-layer spreading towards the edges of the canvas. I thought about make_line ( $geometry, closest_point ( overlay_nearest (make_circle( ...
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Crossing line unexpectedly returns False using crosses() in PyQGIS

I have a LineString that I modify by extending the line. After extending it I want to check if it crosses itself. I am using QgsGeometry().crosses() to test this. For example: wkt_new = '...
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How can I merge the borders of two countries within the same shapefile?

I have a shapefile which visualise the countries of EU as polygons. The problem I have is that each country is formed by a fill colour and an outline color. The outline color is key because it ...
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Compound contiguous links to lines in a network and find isolated lines

I want to compound the red and green links (lines between the poinst) to one or more lines. I need it to finde the green links that not touching the red lines in my network. Step 1: compound touching ...
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Find crossing lines and count also

I have two line feature classes. One road line (long line) and second is hookline i.e entry point to house (short line). Reference screen shot In the above screen shot I have three shapefiles Road ...
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Find lines entering a polygon with QGIS

Given a simplified road network with nodes (= intersections and turning points) and uni-directional links (= path segments) between them, I'd like to: Know if there is a plugin or processing tool in ...
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Qgis Shortest Path Facility problem

My aim is to calculate the shortest distance between two point layers One point layer contains Origin points, the other point layer contains Destination points. Both layers contain more than 100 data ...
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Extract date, time and GPS position linked to road crossing

I am using QGIS. I have a large dataset of approx a hundred animals and I want to determine the number of successful road crossings and extract the date, the time and the two GPS coordinates before ...
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Removing elements that cut other elements using QGIS

I have line elements and polgone-elements on two different layers (lets say layer A (line) and layer B (polygons). Now I want to remove all elements of layer A that crosses/touches/laying in polygones ...
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Layering up road and rail bridges from OpenStreetMap data in QGIS

I am using QGIS 3. I am creating a topographic map using OSM data downloaded as shapefiles. Obviously of I put the railways layer under the roads layer, all railways show as passing under roads. Or ...
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Calculating number of polygons needing to be crossed?

I have a bunch of polygons (parcels, green areas) and a bunch of wells (point, black triangles). How do I calculate the number of parcels I need to cross to get to the closest well to each parcel? ...
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ST_Contains when linestring crossing itself

I have a linestring which crosses itself, like in the picture below. There isn't any vertice at the crossing. It is a MultiLinestring, so when I want to get the startpoint, the endpoint, or the ...
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Improving performance of shapely crosses

I am unsure if this is the fastest way to test if LineStrings cross each other. Is there a better method. for line_1, line_2, in itertools.combinations(lines, 2): crosses = line_1.crosses(line_2) ...
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How to add a column to "link" lines to polygons (Qgis)?

First i'll show you this image The green polygons are lots/land/property of different people of my city. The blue lines are the river banks of a river that crosses my city. The red lines are called ...
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Count roads crossing borders?

I am looking for a way to count the number of roads crossing a national border in Europe. If possible, I would also like to decompose this result between regions (NUTS2 European regions). I am looking ...
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Intersecting lines to get crossings using Python with QGIS?

I have a set of lines representing bus lines. Some of the lines are overlapping and take the same roads. I am able to extract the nodes. However I am interested in extracting only crossings like ...
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