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Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

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Crowdsourcing in QGIS

I'm wondering if there is an option for crowdsourcing in QGIS. I need something similar to what is Survey123 in ArcGIS. I know that with QGIS I can use QField, but it's not what I'm looking for. I ...
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Edit and update a shared feature layer using QGIS

I am currently shifting to QGIS from ArcGIS. I know that ArcGIS has this distributed collaboration system which allows multiple users to edit a shared GIS file (after uploading to an ArcGIS portal) ...
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What is the highest spatial resolution for coronavirus cases?

I understand that the JHU CSSE Dashboard became the watering hole for public health professionals and data science enthusiasts alike, and it visualizes the spread of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) ...
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Hiding previously submitted survey points on Crowdsource Reporter?

Is there a way to hide previously submitted survey points on the maps in Crowdsource reporter? My project involves having users point locations on the map where infrastructure may impact ...
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Configuring ArcGIS Online Crowdsource Reporter App?

Deploying ESRI AGOL Crowdsource Reporter App and even though editable feature layers visible in map frame, and submitted reports are visible with fields, the form to submit a report does not launch ...
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Geoform for points, lines and polygons in QGIS environment

I've been asked to look for an attractive way to collect information from children and young adults about the routes they are using to go to school, sports club, etc., as well as the points on the ...
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Seeking collaborative map editor tool for non-technical users with OpenStreetMap basemap [closed]

I'm looking for a tool to allow non-technical users to create map polygons based off printed maps, and export them into a geographiclal format. It should be based on OSM base tiles (to avoid ...
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How analyze reliability of position of new point based on point data [closed]

I am working on filter for biogeographical data. It is based on citizen science principle. People put new point data to database and I want add information about "reliability" or probability (maybe ...
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Twitter REST API missing geo-tagged tweets from Europe

I used twitter's REST API to get few thousands tweets from last two days. Everything went ok, but when I put tweets on the map, there is empty "box-like" area (no tweets for almost entire Europe - ...
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Getting Started Using Leaflet Draw to CrowdSource Shapes on a Map

I want to crowdsource shapes on a map for an organization I'm working with. It seems like Leaflet Draw something along the lines of the Mapping Neighborhoods projects. As someone with some experience ...
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Participative maps for collecting geographic information? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a simple way to collect information for a participative plans (regarding landscape) and show them on Google Maps. I'm thinking to a small web form for asking information to public (es:...
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Post approval for crowdsourced editing of features in ArcGIS Online?

I'm currently working on a project that involves crowdsourced data collection using ArcGIS Online (Organization version). The only problem I have with ArcGIS Online editing is that when you make a map ...
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Web Maps for Collecting Information in Questionnaire? [duplicate]

I am working with a Non Profit group who are looking for collect information around urban cycling routes. They would like to know the routes people take to get from point A to point B. I thought, "...
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Creating collaborative maps? [duplicate]

I need to suggest a tool to build a map together, ie. let multiple users add POIs and routes on a map. I know about OSM-based Umap but are there other online tools I should know about?
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Using CartoDB for citizen comment collection? [closed]

I'm wondering what would considerations I should make for using CartoDB as a tool for collecting geo-located citizen comments. Currently we're using a javascript / bootstrap application that uses a ...
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Crowdsourcing points by on-click to web map with moderation?

I want to build a really lightweight web map interface where a user can click anywhere on a map, create a point, type in a comment -- ideally all via Facebook, but I don't want to get ahead of myself -...
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Collaborative webmapping systems/platforms [duplicate]

What are the existing collaborative webmapping systems/platforms? I am looking for some information like on this page for wiki softwares, but specific to out-of-the-box on-line geographical data ...
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Web based spatial data editor

Is possible to set up web access to GIS data such that a user could login and see the collected data and be allowed to suggest/draw changes but not be able to edit the data files? My idea is that ...
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Displaying Live Incoming Smartphone Images with Ushahidi on Map? [closed]

I have not yet used Ushahidi and I could not find the answer on their website to my question. I wish to do the following: setup an Ushahidi server/map, go outside to make photos with my Android/...
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Integrating user comments with web-map? [duplicate]

I'm wondering about the best strategy to incorporate user comments and user added points to a map. The best example that I can find of this is ushahidi with an example of how users can add information ...
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Using OpenLayers to collect data by CrowdSourcing?

I'm currently making my first steps in OpenLayers, trying to build a page showing a map where people can add data, which is then saved back in our database. (Background: Mapping of the distribution ...
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Donating and volunteering geographical knowledge? [closed]

I know a lot about the places I visit, and I want to share it with everyone. I have been donating and volunteering at OpenStreetMap, and I am also aware of Google Maps. Where else can I help with ...
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Looking for collaborative webmapping projects [duplicate]

I´m looking for open source collaborative web mapping projects which allow vector editing, wms display and other features like comments, photo-uploads etc. I´ve only found Ushahidi and Sahana so far, ...
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Crowdsourcing spatial data with online clickable map? [duplicate]

Here in northern Tanzania we are experiencing a huge westward butterfly migration - originally those of us who saw it thought it was local but it turns out that it's very widespread. We're getting ...
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Crowd sourcing polygons on Google Maps? [duplicate]

Looking for a way to crowd-source polygon creation on Google Maps (in a wiki environment) that doesn't involved ESRI's expensive server software. Requirements: a bunch of different wiki pages can ...
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Alternatives to Ushahidi for Crowdsourcing? [duplicate]

We all know that Ushahidi offers a versatile solution for crowdsourcing information and its effective depiction in maps. I am interested to know if there is any application(free and open source) on ...
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Options for crowdsourcing GIS data?

I am looking at collecting spatial information from a range of stakeholders to identify opportunities within a landscape. However, the data that we are collecting are not presently mapped and so we ...