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Use for questions about the Customize Mode of ArcGIS Desktop applications (e.g. ArcMap, ArcCatalog)

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Where is geonetwork doing the check if a namespace is belonging to a path

Inside GeoNetwork, for each standard in config-editor.xml are declared fields with xpaths. Ex. <field xpath="/gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:identificationInfo/*/gmd:citation/gmd:CI_Citation/gmd:title&...
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Making custom ArcMap toolbar part of default document [duplicate]

At ArcMap 10.7.1, I have created this custom toolbar, which contains a single tool: I need that toolbar to "stick", so that it always appears when I open a new or existing map document (I ...
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Turning off colliding keyboard shortcuts in ArcMap

While working in the table environment in ArcMap, I am not able to write several Polish characters without causing some action. Trying to write ą (AltGr+a) results in a Select All, ń (AltGr+n) ends up ...
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Disabling/hiding customize option from ArcMap menu bar

I need disable or hide the Customize option. I have listen about a mxd file configuration, but isn't clear to me. Is there any way? I'm using ArcGIS 10.4
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Zoom to Selected Feature Keyboard Shortcut [duplicate]

When working with quality assessment fishnet tiles in ArcMap most of the time couple of thousands i have to double click each record to move from one fishnet to the other. Instead of that i am looking ...
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Resetting Locked Customize Mode

At one time we locked ArcGIS's customization mode (in an attempt to make the toolbars stop moving). Since then we have forgotten a password. The customize mode is shared through all MXDs, so saving a ...
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ArcCatalog crashes in customize mode

I have massive problems with my ArcGIS 10.3.1 installation since a week. My ArcMap crashes on start without any message. ArcCatalog crashes in opening the customize-dialog opening the tab commands. ...
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Running C++ DLL in ArcMap

I've migrated a VB script that uses ArcObjects to a C++ Win32 DLL (using Visual Studio 2013). Now I would like to test my DLL by launching it from my ArcMap 10.3 installation. The problem is that ...
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ArcCatalog not in Customize mode?

I need to connect to an Access Databse so have found the instructions to Add OLE DB Connection but when I go to Customize - Customize Mode there is no option to select ArcCatalog under Commands. Can ...
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ArcMap does not "remember" linked custom .style files

I have a two sets of custom .style files that I would like to have ArcMap load every time I open the program. (Ex: the thematic color ramps from Color Brewer.) It's a small thing but I don't want to ...
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Customizing right click (context) menu of selected feature using ArcPy?

I want to confirm whether arcpy can customize the right click menu of the selected feature, which means I want to remove the default items and add in my own item. The following pictures show what I ...
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Custom Tools not Saving in Toolbar on Startup/ Normal.mxt?

I am trying to save some tools that I have created into the default toolbar layout that is present when ArcMap 10.1 is launched. It is possible to change the arrangement of toolbars, add new ones and ...
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Changing/adding keyboard shortcuts in ArcMap?

How can I change or add keyboard shortcuts in ArcMap? I have tried Customize --> Customize mode --> Commands --> Keyboard. However, this does not seem to actually work. I can add shortcuts and link ...
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Getting AddIn to appear in customize mode categories? [closed]

I was hoping that someone here might have tried this, it seems like it could be a simple error somewhere. I was running the sample AddIn that was provided by ESRI and it worked fine until I tried to ...
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Zoom to Feature hotkey in ArcMap Table View

In ArcMap 10 table view, is there a way to set up a hotkey that when a feature is selected, pressing say "z" is equivalent to right-click-->Zoom To? I would like to be able to highlight a record and ...
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