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ArcGIS Pro not accepting negative volume value for Cut Fill

I am using the Cut Fill tool of ArcGIS Pro to calcuate volume change in DTMs over time. I am hoping to visualise these on a map where Cut (volume removed) is blue and Fill (volume added) is red. I was ...
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Cutting off polygon splinters in QGIS

There is an analysis about the potential of solar areas in Germany. When I finished the project I realised, that there is one polygon with a huge value for its area. By looking closer it gets clear ...
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Creating planar 3D buffer from 3D polyline feature class in ArcGIS Desktop

I want to create a planar (=without volume) buffer polygon or a TIN from a polyline feature class that represents a road centreline ,containing Z-value. I want to expand my polyline horizontally (=...
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