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A simple atmospheric correction method for satellite imagery.

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Atmospheric correction on Landsat scene using Python

I need to develop a workflow to analyze Landsat and Sentinel 2 scenes using Python and Xarray library. Generally I do this task using QGIS and Semi Automatic Classification Plugin, I'm using the ...
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Formula Dark Object Subtraction 1 QGIS (Semi-automatic Classification Plugin)

I am using QGIS with the plugin Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin to apply DOS1 atmospheric correction to bands 3 and 8 of Sentinel-2. Example: I want to automate this task with a python script ...
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Does RapidEye level 3A imagery need any kind of preprocessing before applying classification?

I just got some rapideye images and I would like to know if there is need of any preprocessing before applying classification to it? I know that there isn't any automated way of, for example, applying ...
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When calculating temperature from Landsat is it necessary to use TOA?

I'm attempting to calculate temperature from Landsat 5 and 8 thermal bands. I've already calculated NDVI, where the NDVI bands were corrected using dark object subtraction. I see that many people use ...
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Pre-processing in remote sensing [duplicate]

I have a bit of confusion on the pre-processing of remote sensed images. Do atmospheric correction methods such as Dark Object Subtraction convert the DN into reflectance values? If not, it is ...
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comparison of atmospheric correction methods

I have noticed that dos methods for atmospheric corrections are in the section of radiometric correction i.*.toar on GRASS GIS. Does that means that dark object subtraction (DOS) is a method for doing ...
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Python script for dark object subtraction on Landsat 8 Imagery

Does anyone know of any python scripts that will allow me to conduct such a process? I am limited to open source software and have minor experience in Python.
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How to find the minimum pixel value within a region of interest?

I am working on a Python script for dark object subtraction, a radiometric correction method for remotely sensed data.To accomplish this, I need to find the minimum band pixel value of a waterbody ...
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