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AttributeError: 'Dataset' object has no attribute 'rio' when using a LocalCluster from dask.distributed

I am trying to parallelize a function that uses a zarr datacube read from an s3 bucket to perform some calculations. However, when using a LocalCluster from dask.distributed, I lose the .rio accessor ...
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Buffer Error when using xarray

When I tried to using python package "xarray" to read grib files, I got an error. It's quite weird, because I had did it successfully yesterday. This is my code: import xarray as xr import ...
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Writing GeoTIFF from dask array using rioxarray in python results in "stripes" of no data

I am trying to write a large raster from a dask array to a GeoTIFF file, but am running into an issue where the resulting raster contains "stripes" of no data. The pixels that do contain ...
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Randomly sample locations from a large xarray dataset

I want to create random sample locations on land (lat/lon), weighted by latitude, from a large xarray dataset. Currently, I am creating the lat/lon pairs from a land-sea-mask with the script below, ...
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Dask cluster stuck when loading data with Open Data Cube

I'm running an ODC instance indexing and loading Sentinel-2 L2A COGs from the Element84 bucket on AWS. I use a Dask.distributed cluster deployed in "fixed" mode, for the definition of "...
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dask geopandas apply(): AttributeError: 'GeoDataFrame' object has no attribute 'name'

I have a function that takes a GeoSeries as input and returns a value. When I call said function over all rows in a large geodataframe (gdf) with gdf.apply(), setting the output as a new column in the ...
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