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A "process that attempts to discover patterns in large data sets."

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Raster to CSV or XYZ

I'm trying to apply spatial data mining to a set of vector and raster files so I need a way to convert my raster archives into a CSV in order to run the mining A little bit of background, my thesis is ...
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Acquiring data of Billboards on USA [closed]

I have this task on ArcGis consisting on retrieving landownership data of every billboards' in USA, etc... from where should I start ?
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How to seperate class labels of hyperspectral images using R?

The image has different classes and different band, where the 220 bands are separated by the following code library(RStoolbox) library(raster) library(rgdal) library(caret) library(...
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Extraction of Roads from a Large Geographical Dataset

Google Maps API allows grabbing roads for individual latitude and longitude specifications (or the nearest roads if the point/s are not on a road). However, the way it requires data to be entered for ...
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Using Gazetteers to mine locations from text

I am starting to work with Gazetteers and trying to find something that will actually "mine" geospatial locations from sets of text. Academically, this is a difficult task as texts are based on ...
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How can I load JSON into GRASS?

I have received rainfall data in JSON format. I want to load the data into GRASS. Sample JSON output: {"50.922759,-90.089954":{"current_conditions":{"air_temp":{"unit":"F","value":37.0},"...
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Where can I find historical political affiliation data for the United States?

I am collaborating on a research paper where one of our variables is political affiliation across the United States. I will be creating a series of historical maps. I'm looking for the percentage of ...
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What special property do mathematical functions and physical surfaces have that is appropriate for the case of surface plot?

In the definition of surface plots in my book, (An introduction to data mining, chapter 3) it is said that: Surface plots are often used to describe mathematical functions or physical surfaces that ...
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Is machine learning used much in GIS?

I'm new to GIS. Is machine learning used much in this field, and where? I'm investigating a job opportunity with a mapping company working on traffic awareness. My background is in supervised machine ...
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