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QField - Can't access local storage on iPhone

I usually use Android products with QField but right now I need to evaluate all portable solutions, which includes iOS. However, just when I come to the data storage access in order to load a new ...
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GeoServer cluster - shared disk considerations

I am setting up a geoserver cluster with 2+ virtual servers running multiple geoserver instances each. All servers must have access to a shared disk containing raster and vector data (geotiffs, ...
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Using Google Drive to host thousands of photos for ArcGIS Online

I am wondering about using Google Drive for 3000+ photo attachments in ArcGIS Online (AGOL) pop ups.  I have an asset inventory with about 1250 records. Each record has three photos that are currently ...
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How data is stored in GeoTIFF [closed]

I'm trying to understand how data is stored in the GeoTIFF format. I understand that the file begins with header, where are stored information which says that the file is GeoTIFF file. I also know ...
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Sharing data in small remote organization

My company's GIS "department" currently consists of myself and another analyst, located in offices several states apart. We have been looking for ways to share GIS data between ourselves as ...
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How do you store/organize/manage your own data? [closed]

Lately I was wondering how one could or should store his/her own data. As I studied GIS and I am working on different private projects using GIS data, a lot of data have accumulated on my local hard ...
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Open Source GIS tools for using LiDAR to estimate storage behind dams/culvert [closed]

Can you recommend an open source GIS tools for modeling the water impounded on the upstream side of a dam using LiDAR data?
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Problem with automated data storing during raster::crop (‘legend’ is not a slot in class “RasterStack”)

I am working with a set of raster layers containing CHIRPS monthly rainfall amounts over Africa. For purposes of reproducing the below code, I staged the decompressed tif files on Dropbox. Now, let'...
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How to store binary data referenced by 3D coordinates (xyz)?

I would like to store huge amounts of voxels (3D cubes with color and some other values) in a gis database. Does someone can recommend a database (indexing) system, where I can store binary data (a ...
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Save millions of points in the server side

I have asked a similar question about millions of points a few days ago:Display millions of points in the browser. It focused on how to display these data in the client(browser), however I think it ...
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What is the best way to manage geodata with open source software?

We are a small group of GIS users with different expertises embedded in an administrative infrastructure attempting to switch to a small and low cost open source infrastructure (open source GDI). ...
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What alternatives are there for hosting shapefiles too large for GeoCommons?

I've got a ~500M shapefile I'd like to place where it is publicly accessible and can be found via search. Specifically this dataset is the Bernalillo County, NM assessor parcel and tax database, which ...
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Storage hardware options for large datasets

We are about to organize our data in a centralized spatial data system. The system would provide various services (mainly supporting ftp access, geodatabase editing, and several web mapping ...
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How to restore a back up file into pgadmin III

My backup file containing about 50-60 tables , but I am able to just load only 6 tables for a new db and 31 tables for postgis dbase . And this was the error when I restore a backup file. pg_restore: ...
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How to store data for gis system?

I'm developing a GIS solution using Postgis database and geoserver as web map server. The solution to develop will analyzes the defects (as a polygon) and process parameters values (as a linestring) ...
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Store "template" mxds inside model

Since the ability to store mxds inside a file gdb is still just an idea, I've been mulling over my options for using a "template" mxd within a model. My model uses 4 different mxds, but currently it ...
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Google Drive and Backing-up/Syncing GIS Data [closed]

Seeing that many of us have three computers these days (e.g.. work, home and laptop) is anyone using Google Drive as their main file repository for GIS data? I like the idea of backing everything up ...
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Online/cloud storage options for GIS file-based data [closed]

I am currently looking into online/cloud-based storage solutions in general and also for my GIS data which consists of shapefiles, rasters, file geodatabases, and the like (no relational databases). ...
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Benefits of Multipart Features?

Multipart points, lines, and polygons are implemented in nearly every GIS, but what benefits, if any, do they provide? In a relational database attributes shared by different features can be stored ...
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Organization in a GIS Shop [closed]

This question is about staying organized and current on all your to dos and project tasks. For me I am an avid user of GTD and a variety of online tools such as evernote, toodledo, and gmail. I ...
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