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Looking for KML validator

I'm looking for a KML validator. It appears that the two websites that did this are gone ( and What websites, or other methods, can I use?
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PostGIS is_simple doesn't work for 3D linestring

I would like to check linestring-z validity with PostGIS. Specifically, to check whether the features are "Simple" (not self-intersect). My linestring contains X,Y,Z which looks like the ...
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Validate KML geometries in python

I have a CSV file where in a column there are some KML geometries. These geometries can be points, lines, polygons etc. I would like to validate them and check if they are correctly written. I'm ...
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Attribute validation in QGIS

I'm struggling to find a great example of attribute validation in QGIS. I have existing data created in Autocad Map. It contains some errors. I'd like to check text fields match a code in a lookup ...
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Enforce that all "Enforce expression constraints" of child tables are valid before I can save the parent feature

In QGIS 3.16 I set up a relation between two tables. In the child-table I set a constraint-expression and checked "Enforce expression constraints". If I add one or more features to the child-...
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K-fold validation on Google Earth Engine

I have a satellite image "india_image" and data in form of a feature-collection "ft". I want to perform k-fold validation on this data in Earth Engine. How to do so? var india_image = ee....
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Why isn't my python script writing to a text file?

Overall objective: Open up an MXD object, copy an SDE feature class to a local GDB, then run a validation check on the data. Check is to see if there's a front and back photo for each marker point (if ...
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Checking Vegetation height accuracy in urban areas

I have digitized vegetation as polygons covering the canopy of trees in urban areas. Are there any suggestions to check the accuracy of height. I have been manually validating with visual checks, ...
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Validating file geodatabase information against spreadsheet? [closed]

I have a spreadsheet from our master records office that contains thousands of entries for different types of facilities (building, signs, canopy, fences). I need to validate that we have all of ...
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Simple attribute data rules in Arcmap [closed]

I would like to add some simple attribute validation in my current workflow. This is with regards to a point shapefile: Required fields Fields that become required if one optional field is populated ...
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