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IBM DB2 is a relational model database server that can be made spatially aware and thus integrate with a number of GIS products.

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Accuracy of planimetric geometry vs. ellipsoidal model

I'm examining the two geospatial options for IBM's DB2 database. In particular I am interested in the accuracy between these two options and whether it's worth it (the more accurate representation isn'...
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Viewing ST_MULTIPOLYGON data from ArcSDE DB2

We have inherited some tables that were created with ArcGIS/ArcSDE, and the data in these is still being used by our main web application to perform some spatial lookups. The queries are pretty ...
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Geoserver/geotools DB2 extension support

I'm evaluating the migration of a postgis/postgres database to a DB2 spatial db. A Geoserver instance is connected to the postgis datasources, so I know there is an extension available for making the ...
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Has anyone successfully made a FeatureLayer from a view in DB2 and ArcSDE 10?

Lately it seems like every new ESRI feature fails for me - I must be cursed. I'm testing the use of a FeatureLayer to see if helps display and query features using the JavaScript API 2.0. This layer ...
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Polygon dissolve in DB

I have a polygon feature class with more than 100,000 polygons in DB2 table. I would like to dissolve them based on a single field to reduce the row numbers. Is there any commands / SQL in DB2 to ...
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While storing feature in ArcGIS 10 web application getting Class is not licensed for use [closed]

I have tried googling this issue Class is not licensed for use but I could not found Any Solution . I am using ArcGIS Server 10.0 of 32 bit and IBM DB2 32 bit,there is no problem while ...
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