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Defining national borders in TIF file and cutting away excess map in QGIS

In QGIS I am trying to create a shaded relief map of Denmark. I have managed to fetch the data from, ...
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Osmium and OSM: Remove a relation from .pbf map file

I am trying to use osmium to remove a relation from a .pbf file (specifically the Denmark extract from Geofabrik)1. The relation is part of a cycle network. I essentially want to calculate routing ...
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Creating map of Denmark using ggmap

I have installed the following two packages: library(ggmap) library(maps) I have found code online to create a world map (see below). How do I zoom the plot on a country level? For example, Denmark. ...
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Choosing CRS for Denmark?

I try to make maps of the different administration units in Denmark but have problems with finding the correct CRS. I downloaded GeoJSON files from this repository. When I import one of those to QGIS, ...
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Choosing label placement in MultiPolygon with CartoCSS

I am rendering an interactive world map with TileMill and I have the problem that the country name for Denmark is placed onto Greenland. This is because Denmark is represented as a MultiPolygon with ...
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Parameters for ED50 -> ETRS89/WGS84 seven-parameter transformation which are good for Denmark?

I am looking for parameters for a seven-parameter transformation (Rx, Ry, Rz, Tx, Ty, Tz, s) from ED50 UTM (zone 32U) to ETRS89 and/or WGS84. The best match I could find is here: http://geodesy....
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