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Change arc segments in a polyline feature to line segments in ArcGIS Pro

A similar question has been asked here before and I have looked at the answers but in my case I need a different answer/solution. I have a polyline dataset and some of the features have a combination ...
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Determining if polyline has true curve using ArcPy with ArcMap

I'm using ArcPy with ArcMap 10.7.1. I want to densify SDE.ST_GEOMETRY polylines if (and only if) the polylines have true curves. If I were using ArcPy with the latest version of ArcGIS Pro (instead of ...
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What densification method does SDE.ST_Geometry use to approximate arcs as segments?

Oracle 18c; ArcGIS 10.7.1 I have an SDE.ST_Geometry polyline FC that has arcs. In a related post, we established that true arcs/curves are only available to ArcObjects, whereas the actual geometry ...
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Editing attributes in ArcMap causes conversion of arcs to densified lines unintentionally

I am using postgresql GDB for storing and managing polyline feature classes through arcmap but when I create arc feature along with filling any attributes the arc is being converted to a densified ...
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How to get equidistant points from a linestring (geographical coordinates) [closed]

I want to resample geographical coordinates based on a specific number of values, let's say, 1663 for the following case: -78.0599088 -11.89402416 -78.04317744 -11.88622134 -78.0267798 -11.87700462 -...
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Add more vertexes along GeoJSON linestring

How can I add more vertex Some lines only have two vertices. The problem is on 3D globe it's not dense enough and does not clamp to earth Does ogr2ogr or OGRINFO support this geospatial operation
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Densifying polyline according to specific length using QGIS? [duplicate]

I am using QGIS 1.8.0 I would like to densify a polyline according to a particular length of segment (ex. 200 m). I know it is possible with other GIS software. Is it possible to do this in QGIS?
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Automatically adding vertices to lines every x meters using QGIS?

I've made a vector grid using lines; the grid coverage is 100 km x 100 km and the lines are at vertical and horizontal intervals of 1000 metres. Each line in the grid is defined by two vertices, one ...
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