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How can I use Whitebox hydrology tools with areas of internal drainage (ie. true sinks)?

I'm trying to use some Whitebox hydrology tools on a raster where I want to set inland points as areas of internal drainage and I don't understand how the fill tools treat NoData points when filling ...
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What does "Fill Increment" mean with SAGA - Fill Sinks (QM of ESP) tool?

I am using the SAGA tool Fill Sinks (QM of ESP). The only adjustable parameter is called "Fill Increment". And the documentation is not very explicit about what it means. Is it the depth ...
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What DEM Properties Affect Depression Filling Performance and Results?

In preparing to work with large DEM files, I've been trying to understand the differences between burn, fill, and breach pre-processing methods in terms of the resulting accuracy of stream networks, ...
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GRASS function r.fill.dir not working on specific DEMs

I'm using QGIS. The function r.fill.dir is not working on a few DEMs I'm working with. With other DEMs, it works. I attached the log report and one of the troublesome DEMs. You can see my QGIS ...
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How to run breach depression least cost with WhiteBox

I am ultimately trying to run TWI on a 10-m spatial resolution DEM of about 8600 square km. I am using Whitebox through the R plug-in and have also run it through QGIS. The first step is to run breach ...
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How to find identify the best 'maximum search distance' while doing breach depression least cost using Whitebox?

I am trying to preprocess my DEM in GeoTIFF format using breach depression least cost algorithm of Whitebox tool and I need to provide an input value of maximum search distance for cells. How can I ...
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Raster map not found error with r.fill.dir

I am new the GIS world and I am having trouble with generating depressionless DEM from lidar elevation data. I am using GRASS 7.6.1 and QGIS 3.4.12. I have used r.fill.dir successfully on a ...
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ArcHydroTools FillSinks Error HRESULT E_FAIL in ArcMap [closed]

I'm trying to use ArcHydroTools in ArcMap 10.2.2 and this error always appears in the finish of the process: File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\...
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How to fill the empty space automatically, QGIS 2.16.3

Is it possible to fill empty space inside of polygon? I have problem, a clever boy drilled my polygons with road polygon,and I want to fill up polygons again, but how? I cannot merge every single ...
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Using Python to list all entries in numpy array that are lower than all adjacent values

I'm using ArcGIS 10.4.1, arcPy and NumPy. I'm trying to create a list of tuples that identify all entries in a NumPy array (DEM) who's value is lower than all adjacent neighbors (I.e. It's a ...
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r.fill.dir blocked

I am trying to fille a DEM downloaded by Geobolivia The r.fill.dir module in QGIS/GRASS toolbox blocked few minutes after I launched it for the DEM. It is very strange as, for ...
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Fast, simple assignment of flow directions to flats in GRASS

I have some enormously huge DEMs which I'd like to assign flow directions to. These DEMs are guaranteed to have no sinks, just flat areas. It seems as though the only ways of assign flow directions ...
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In hydrologic terrain analysis is there a difference between "pits", "depressions", and "sinks"?

In hydrologic terrain analysis is there a difference between "pits" and "depressions"? For instance, Planchon and Darboux (2002) state The usual numerical methods for removing the depressions of a ...
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Is there a difference between the Planchon & Darboux and Wang and Liu depression filling algorithms? Other than speed?

Can anyone tell me, based on actual analytical experience, if there is a difference between these two depression filling algorithms, other than the speed at which they process and fill depressions (...
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filling up a depression to create new surface

A collegue here has a problem I cannot help with. She has the surface (as raster) of a landslide release area (from AFTER the slide) and wants to calculate the calculate the theoretical/approximate ...
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