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For questions about the Describe object of ArcPy

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Describe layer field names

Currently the workflow is to split two different Feature Layer by an attribute which produces a lot of separate layers. Then use arcpy.Describe to apply symbology to the based on the layer type (point/...
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Why does arcpy.da.Describe return different keys for same feature class based on location?

I have a file geodatabase on a remote desktop with the following layer: r'C:\Folder\Database.gdb\Feature_Dataset\Feature_Class'. If I copy this entire gdb to my local machine, da.Describe does not ...
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Implementing ArcPy Describe function into file dictionary

I'm currently using Python to create a dictionary when given a user input argument, collects the file data types and names in the dictionary determined by the ArcPy Describe function, so the output ...
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Describing element using ArcPy

The attached picture shows my result on ArcGIS Pro. It shows all the elements in a geodatabase that a user chooses. It only displays catalogpath to the elements, but now I need to describe, for each ...
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Describing element in geodatabase using ArcPy

With help from people on this site, I have the following code to look for all of the element types in the geodatabase and put them into a report. walk = arcpy.da.Walk(workspace, topdown=True) for ...
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Listing attributes of arcpy.Describe object in python?

I am trying to create a json structure that will describe a multitude of different arcpy data types (FeatureClass, FeatureDataset, Workspace, etc). I would like the script to be dynamic and give all ...
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Describe FeatureClass shape type, can't get past error (object has no attribute 'shapeType')

My code: import arcpy, csv, os # Create a Describe object gdb = r"Database Connections\GISUSER.sde" desc = arcpy.Describe(gdb) full_path = False # Specify whether dataset name should be full or ...
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Use arcpy to check whether feature class geometry has ZM

I am looking for a programmatic way using arcpy to determine whether or not a feature class (FC) has Z and/or M geometry. It's easy enough to get the geometry type using the code below, but this just ...
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Check layer data type in gdb

I have path to layer or feature C:\base.gdb\test How to check is table or feature class by arcpy?
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