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Open QgsColorDialog and modify feature in @qgsfunction from expressions

Is it possible to open a QDialog (here a QgsColorDialog) and modify layer's feature when executing a QgsExpression with a qgsfunction such as : @qgsfunction(args="auto") def label_annotation(...
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QGIS: Landover Analysis Dialog Box Too Small

When I open the Landcover Analysis plugin within QGIS, the information in the dialog box is overlapping and doesn't fit the window. Even if I increase the size of the dialog box. It makes it pretty ...
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Create interface for user input [closed]

I want to do something like this using Python and QGIS: And I want to save what user input in each field in 4 variables. Here is what I tried but it is not giving what I want: import sys class ...
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Creating Dialog with Graphic Modeler for Attribute Creation

I have a shapefile with an attribute that I need to convert based on categorical rules. Hereby the TARGET / new values always stay the same and only the input values change. For example: "Residential ...
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GRASS GIS module dialog not starting

my module dialogs are not appearing in GRASS 78 (for 76 it is working) e.g. I want to change the colour of a vectorlayer and click on the properties button, but no module dialog will open.
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QGIS 3: Relations between 1:n

I have made a lot of relations (e.g. addresses). I have a lot of tables where I use them, but if I change the address in the addresses table, then the text in all related other attribute tables will ...
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Adding text to label expression in QGIS?

Using QGIS 2.18 I have line feature and want to add a foot tick mark and a deg symbol to label the label as of now shows "dis" || "Azimuth" 339045 I would like it to show 3391' 45 deg The ...
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ArcObjects Convert GxDialog to Workspace

ArcGIS 10.1 with VB2010 I am using the GxDialog to get the users option to save a feature class. The target can be a shapefile, geodatabase, or Dataset inside a geodatabase. I can’t wrap my head ...
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MapBasic: skip popup menu dialog to get access to standard "Modify table structure" dialog

I'm trying to develop a small program using MapBasic for MapInfo. I want to get access to the standard "Modify table structure" (or "Image registration" for raster tables) dialog through "Layer ...
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Dynamic update of arcpy.AddMessage progress line in dialog box?

I have a lengthy field list and would like the dialog box to show script progress on a single line, rather than returning to a new line. what I have: field1 field2 field3 .... current code: for ...
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How can I make a dialog box floating while working on the window?

I would like to have a floating dialog box just like the Named Views.mbx How could make my existing dialog box float while working on other window?
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