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Link images in QGIS map for qgis2web Leaflet export published on GitHub?

When I open the index.html file (from the qgis2web export) with my browser (locally) all my images are properly displayed. However, after uploading my web map files to github and publishing it with ...
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Unable to set working directory for split vector layer tool

I have some data in a .shp layer that I want to separate into multiple vector layers based on ID. When I navigate to the Split Vector Layer tool, I can select my input layer, unique field ID, and ...
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GWC: folder names meaning: why i have folders with the name 'EPSG_3857x2_09' and 'EPSG_3857_09'

EPSG_3857 is a CRS the postfix 09 is a zoom-level but why i have folders with structure of: << CRS >>x2_<< zoom-level >> << CRS >>_<< zoom-level >> Is ...
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When deploying a GeoServer via Docker the container can't see my data directory

Deploying a GeoServer via Docker (include data with PostGIS). Container can't see my data directory. I am use Ubuntu 20.04 I need the GeoServer through docker to show my data, which I copy to COPY ./...
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Purpose of 'Attachment Directories' field in QField

In QGIS, what does the 'Attachment Directories' field in the QField section of Configure Project do, and where has the Photo Naming tag gone? Using QGIS 3.26.3 and QField 2.5.2-6, I've been trying to ...
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Importing directory tree of PNG files

I have a local cache directory tree of thousands of satellite tiles in PNG format and in subfolders from -1 to 16 depending on the zoom level. I wish to import these into QGIS and be able to zoom into ...
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Deleting folder and processed files in QGIS using PyQGIS

My script creates a folder named 'output' and saves processed files there. I am trying to delete this folder and all files within it, if I need to re-run the script (see reproducible example at the ...
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Grabbing full file path of a zipped geodatabase using Python [closed]

I am attempting to grab the file path of a file within a zipped file. For example, I have this file: "E:\API_creation\upload\\TestingData.gdb". I would like to create a python ...
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Saving map in folder for further use

I want to use my map for further offline calculations. I used the below code referred from '
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Creating a dictionary using data types from user input

To better organize data, I want to create a dictionary that takes a directory path as an argument and groups the items by datatype (for example: u'ShapeFile': ['abc.shp']). However, I run into an ...
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Rasterio fails to create new tiff file inside for loop

I'm trying to save rasters with rasterio inside for loop. For reason that I don't understand, the for loop works only in the first loop (being able to save the tiff image) but then when comes to the ...
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QGIS creating batch folder directory with incremented names by using Python console

I have the directory, where I have to store all the items separately in the list of folders. This list includes exactly the same folders only with incrementing number, as you can see below: Because I ...
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Can Project Home variable be used to save default outputs of QGIS graphical modeler

Is it possible to use the @project_home variable in QGIS to set a default file path location for an output in the graphical modeler? Ideally I would like the default to be the project home folder ...
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Filtering stores location with login rules using GeoServer?

I want to filter the location/directory proposed by the stores, with the login rules. More clearly, If my user "John" can only access/admin the "JohnWorkspace", I want he saw only one directory "...
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What is the default plugin folder location in QGIS 3?

I am searching for default location for QGIS 3 Plugin folder I checked here but could not find: C:\Program Files\QGIS 3.0\apps\qgis\python\plugins C:\Users\Abhijit\.qgis2 (cannot locate .qgis3, ...
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Cannot access arcgisoutput via url

I have a geoprocessing service which creates a PDF in this directory on ArcGIS Server: C:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgisoutput I can access the file just fine through file explorer, but I need to ...
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ArcGIS Server not updating Active Directory Changes?

I am using ArcGIS Server 10.4 on Windows Server 2012 r2 I have users from active directory with built in roles on the server. organization policy is to force users to change their AD passwords every ...
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How to create a directory in Scripter Automation [closed]

Is it possible to create a directory in Scripter Automation? I need to call ActiveX plugin. In VB you can call it with My.Computer.FileSystem.CreateDirectory("C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers \...
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Getting path of project or layer file in PyQGIS

I am generating new raster files from vector layers on a project. I would like to save them in the same directory as the project or layer files. How do I find this path using PyQGIS?
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