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Converting coordinate system produces distorted image

I have a GeoTIFF file produced from a LAZ file. I would like to convert its coordinate system to the WGS84. However, after the conversion the resulting image is skewed (has a perspective distortion). ...
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Check geometries distorting polygons when removing gaps

Using QGIS 3.10.9 with the check geometries plugin (v0.1), and I have a simple polygon layer as a test run with a deliberate gap. I use the check geometries plugin with the topology check 'check for ...
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Align set of satellite images

I have a problem my set of four satellite images (4 different years of observations) of the same area are not aligned and more than that I see that there is a distortion problem also. I found this ...
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Keep the map straight with arcgis projections

I need to overlap DEM file with an historical map. The historical map doesn't have georeferencing so I need to add some control points, but when I do this the map is distorted. There is a way to ...
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How to calculate zonal statistics of buffer zone with minimum distortion

I want to create 50km buffers around a large set of polylines that have a global extent. My objective is to calculate average raster values within each buffer zone. The matter of confusion: I want ...
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CRS selection for global product with minimal area distortion

I am building a model that takes data from different sites around the world as input where each pixel has a 10m resolution. I am now seeking a CRS system that works best for my use case. The ...
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Add projection warp calculation to preserve correct scale when exporting map for printing

I'm working on my own widget for printing large maps based on the ArcGIS printing service. The main feature of the service will be dividing the large area to separate parts in specified paper format. ...
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ArcMap QGIS different distortion

I have a problem with a shapefile (EPSG:31287 MGI_Austria_Lambert). I tried to solve it on my own, but I just have no clue as to what's the error. So I use a basemap from (WMTS: https://...
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How can I project a raster DEM and not get serious distortion in the resulting DEM?

Please see this link to see a fine example of what I am dealing with. Distortion in projected raster My specific situation is that I have downloaded DEM data from the National Map (USA) and it comes ...
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