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How calculating green canopy cover differs from the sensor utilized

I am an expert on my field. I work with remote sensing. Mostly UAVs. I collect datasets and extract features from it. One of the features is 'green canopy cover' (https://acsess.onlinelibrary.wiley....
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Low reflectance values

I use DJI P4 multispectral. Here is the command I gave in opendronemap software. –dem-resolution 1.5 --orthophoto-resolution 1.5 –orthophoto-png --dsm –radiometric-calibration camera –texturing-skip-...
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Drone2Map not creating a project

We recently purchased a drone and our county decided to use Drone2Map for stitching (see technical specs below). It's been working fine since July. The county had to switch my laptop out for a ...
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How to produce spectral signature using SCP plugin for drone images

The SCP plugin can output spectral signatures of satellite remote sensing imagery. I'm wondering, has anyone tried to use the SCP plugin to output spectral signatures of drone-based imagery (for my ...
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Calculating position of target of drone

We have an dji matricies 300 rtk video. I would like to detect position of something. Here an example photo what I would like to detect. Green rectangle is my target.Black rectangle is mid point of ...
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Removing RTK Correction from Images

I am doing a thesis research and I was supposed to analyze an un-corrected dataset (drone images collected only using GNSS). When I load the images into Agisoft Metashape (professional version 1.8.4 ...
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Orthophoto showing image banding along flight lines after reconstruction

I'm currently flying a mapping mission with a DJI P1 with the following flight parameters: Altitude: 250m Side/Forward Overlap: 60/80 Terrain Follow: Enabled RTK: Enabled Regardless of the time of day ...
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RTK stream without base station in DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

New drone operator here. We recently acquired a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. It comes with an RTK Module. We are based in Iowa, USA and the state has a free Real-Time Network Service (NTRIP) ...
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How can I display an image on QGIS from a DJI drone using python?

I have a few images from a DJI drone and I can get all of the information from the image exifread. I am trying to get an image to be displayed in the correct location on a QGIS map. Is there an ...
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Photogrammetry route flown using Litchi misses photos at some waypoints

I have recently started using Litchi to fly waypoint-based photogrammetry flights with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The routes were created in DJI Flight Planner, then edited, uploaded, and executed in the ...
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