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Docker provides a high-level API to containerize unix processes and applications with some degree of isolation and repeatability across servers.

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Running PyQGIS standalone script on Ubuntu terminal (docker)

I am running a PyQGIS standalone script on Ubuntu terminal in a QGIS docker: from qgis.core import * QgsApplication.setPrefixPath("/path/to/qgis/installation", True) qgs = QgsApplication([], False) ...
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Google Earth Engine API: localhost refused to connect

I'm trying to implement this in Google Earth Engine using Docker Toolbox for atmospheric correction. I first install Datalab following the instruction ...
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Docker GeoServer GeoFence Issue

I am trying to test the Geofence Plugin using the official Docker project of GeoServer. Unfortunately when running docker run -it --env INSTALL_EXTENSIONS=true --env STABLE_EXTENSIONS="authkey,...
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GeoServer - disk quota error

I was able to dockerize the GeoServer (KARTOZA image) into an AWS ECS CLUSTER, to which I have attached an EFS volume; inside the EFS is sitting the data dir /opt/geoserver_data/data_dir. I noticed ...
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QWC2 Docker - access PostgresSQL docker in QGIS on Ubuntu for project in \qgsresources\scan directory

In QWC Docker - I can access PostgreSQL on the localhost but I can not access the docker PostgreSQL. Do I need to run QGIS in the docker? or add something else to this? I can see it is the docker-...
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