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Questions tagged [donut-polygons]

a donut polygon is a polygon with one or more holes in it. Such a feature is regarded as a complex geometry, having an outer ring of coordinates, and one or more inner rings of coordinates that represent the (donut) holes. An example of a donut polygon would be a lake with an island, the extent of the water in the lake is the polygon and the hole is the island.


Cutting donuts in QGIS

I'm trying to cut donut polygons ready to go into a system that can't display them. Basically the exact opposite of this post: How to convert fake donut holes in polygons to real ones? I want to cut ...

How to preserve the Multiploygons using Python?

I converted my input file with geometry Polygon 25D to an output file with geometry Polygon using the below code. As you can see the below image. Problem is that the holes in the polygon is vanished ...