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Questions tagged [draw-order]

The sequence in which features are displayed on a graphical output device, potentially affecting the appearance of overlapping features.

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Converting roads line string to polyline covering all roads

I attempted it with a linestring of Australia exported as coords array from QGIS a while ago and tested using a special website where you can input a coords array which then displays as polyline. Now, ...
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Callout lines drawn under other layer's labels

I'm using QGIS 3.22.4 and struggling with labels. I'm having quite a headache trying to avoid callout lines to cross each other but now a new problem arise and it is that they are drawn as any other ...
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Render polygons in order north to south down in QGIS

In QGIS I have a set of polygons that I want to render in the order north to south: I understand that Control feature rendering order in the Symbology dialog is the option I need. I came up with the ...
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ArcGIS Pro - My point feature class won't display respect the drawing order according to ObjectID field

I'm trying to share a point feature class as a web layer. When I do the draw order of my points is opposite of what I expected. It is my understanding that the draw order is based upon ObjectID and ...
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Reordering layers in ArcMap using ArcPy

I am trying to automate a map I create every so often. The map flags counties based on certain commodities, and color codes them based on price changes. I am able to get each layer created, but would ...
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Changing Layer Order with ArcPy in ArcGIS Pro [closed]

Working on a Python script that does some routine table management of a couple of feature classes. In one step I define a table join and then export that to a GDB. When that runs, it will add it to ...
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Change Ordering of features within one layer in leaflet

My Question is exactly the same as mentioned in this Question The main difference is that I can't use bringToFront() because I have points inside the highlighted polygon that I want to show a tooltip ...
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Changing ArcMap Display Order of Elements in Same Layer File?

I have a bunch of polygons in a layer file and I want to reorder those polygons so one of them is "sent to back". I am using ArcMap 10.5.
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Draw streets with bridges using "feature rendering order" instead of "symbol levels" (QGIS3)

To control rendering orders of symbols, you could use the "symbol levels"-feature to give every geometry a own Z-dimension. If you want it dynamically because of complex situation like bridges over ...
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Control rendering/layer order of outputs from QGIS 3 Processing Modeler [duplicate]

I'm using QGIS 3.0 model processor. I am trying to control the order in which the outputs render. Any ideas? I have tried to use parent algorithms but it seems to not make a difference. Is this a bug ...
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Geoserver layer styling with multiple geometries

I've build a table with multiple geometries in PostGIS. This table is published in GeoServer. Now I'm wondering how GeoServer handles this type of layer. specifically the drawing part. My layer ...
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Changing GeoJSON feature draw order with Leaflet

I have county polygons in GeoJSON format. Obviously, some of the counties share an edge. When a county is hovered over, the stroke and fill change to a red color. The problem is that the stroke of ...
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Draw order of point symbols in QGIS

I have a point shapefile that is symbolized with an svg. The shapefile has a attribute with Y values. I would like the points with lower Y values to draw on top of points with higher Y values. ...
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Placing map grid in appropriate order in ArcMap?

I am creating a map, in which I have the map grid (thin grey lines crossing the entire map) and feature labels (converted to annotation stored in map). In some places, the map grid intersects the ...
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Changing layout element order in ArcGIS Pro?

I cannot find an option to change the order of Layout elements in ArcGIS Pro (1.3.1). This is where you right-click > Order on a map element and choose from Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring ...
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How to move features up and down, inside the layer (after initialization)?

I want to move features up and down inside a vector layer, with OpenLayers 3. I have two features: red & blue. As you can see im the first image, blue is over the red feature. Moving red up ...
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Mapbox Studio Draw Order

I have made a map using Mapbox Studio. The map is made up of 2 map sources, MapBox Streets Custom Style - a PostGIS layer I am having trouble working out how to set the draw order. I have tried the ...
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How to dynamically change the draw-order of geotiff rasters in QGIS?

In ArcGIS it is possible, via raster mosaics, to choose the raster order depending on various methods. One such method is the center method. The raster that is closest to the coordinate of the center ...
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Control drawing order of points from DBMS in MapInfo?

I have a layer of points stored in a table in a database (Oracle 11g). The table have a boolean field called Supporting. I have a thematic layer coloring the supporting points white and the non-...
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ArcGIS - possible to set the drawing order of polygon features [duplicate]

I have a table with polygons that I wish to display in a map. I would like the smaller polygons to appear on top of larger polygons. Is there a way to set the drawing order such that the larger ...
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what dictates the drawing order of overlapping features with in the same layer/feature class in ArcGIS?

I know that in ArcGIS drawing order is controlled by layers, and if I want to make some features be drawn on top of other features I can use definition queries to separate them into different layers ...
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