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QGIS Polygon tool adding vertices continuously (unexpected behavior)

I'm having trouble with the polygon drawing tool in QGIS. When I try to create a polygon, instead of adding vertices with single clicks, the tool seems to be continuously adding vertices wherever I ...
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Panning during draw interaction breaks tracing of the draw interaction in OpenLayers

I have a draw interaction where I draw on an existing linestring feature in an Angular application. I start the draw interaction with tracing active to this linestring. When i pan after starting the ...
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Error while running Python code when trying to use the QAD plugin

After installing the QAD plugin, when I try to use it, an error related to Python appears on the screen. How can I fix this problem and use the QAD plugin? TypeError: arguments did not match any ...
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GEE App: Adding a computed layer to drawingTools.layers() and plot vegetation time series plots on ui.Map

I want to compute a buffer of 50m around the user drawn point using drawingTools. I want to save this computed buffer to drawingTools.layers() to be used later as the geometry on which my vegetation ...
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Draw a polygon over PNG image R

I have a PNG image wich I have opened in R and in order to give coordinations converted into a SpatRast object with the following code: library(terra) r <- rast("yanomamis.png") #Warning: ...
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Extracting shapes from vector road data (specifically circles and lines)

I’d like to extract some specific data from QGIS to be drawn in a Garmin application which uses Monkey C but I am unsure of how to do it. Currently I use many coordinate points to portray roads made ...
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Draw polygon along line feature

I have some line features from a nautical chart representing dikes I'm trying to bring into another program that wants polygons. I was wondering if there were a tool in QGIS or ArcMAP that would let ...
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Can' select tools a number of drawings

I am using ArcGIS 10.8 and I want to add some labels at the feature class of points. So, I draw some lines to indicate the label per point. I want to remove some of them, but the Select tools can't ...
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2 answers

How can I indicate layer when drawing a polygon in Google Earth Engine?

These lines of code help us draw polygons: drawingTools.setShape('polygon'); drawingTools.draw(); But if I have two geometry layers, how can I specify to which the drawn geometry is to be added?
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Drawing oval in ArcGIS CityEngine

How do I draw an oval, or modify a circle to become an oval, using CityEngine? I have been able to draw ovals using CGA code but would like to just draw one using shape tools and modification tools.
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1 answer

"Perforated" polygon voids are filled when using OpenLayers with WKB geometries

When I try to draw a "perforated" polygon using GeoJSON.readFeatures() the "solid/void" relationship is drawn correctly, the void parts don't have any fill color. See the example, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Layer did not draw completely ArcGIS Online

I am trying to set the visualization properties of a layer in ArcGIS Online. After uploading the shapefile and publish it as a hosted layer, I go to the visualization setup window but a warning sign ...
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Drawing new irregular polygon in QGIS 3.16

I have a GeoTIFF raster of Indonesian landsystems which I need to clip to the Papuan provinces in New Guinea. Unfortunately, I can't use a rectangular extent (as this would include some of the nearby ...
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QGIS how to center the map while drawing a line

I have a line shapefile which represents a delivery route. I am able to extent this route by drawing, using an OSM layer for snapping. (works great!) Since I need a certain zoom level to see what I am ...
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How to draw polylines and polygons on layout using PyQGIS [closed]

I've been searching some example about how to draw polylines and polygons on the map composer using PyQGIS, but I couldn't find anything. Could someone show me some code to learn?
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1 answer

Editing text in data view from layout view

I have text and arrows that I have drawn into my map in data view, using the drawing tool bar. I am often working in a fixed map scale, meaning when in layout view if I see text that needs to be ...
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2D canvas library for OpenLayers. Drawing custom interactive objects

I am looking for the 2D canvas library like Konva.js that I can use above OpenLayers 5.x. I need to draw shapes with font inside that are interactive - can be dragged over the map to the appropriate ...
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Seeking tutorials online explaining how to draw squares (having specific length) in QGIS?

I need to produce in QGIS a square having a specific dimension (1km x 1km). First I created a new polygon layer, but when I start editing through the Advanced editing tool, the program crashes. I ...
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When does a Python script in QGIS execute drawing of QgsRubberBand?

I have a script which has an unrelated error after the draw_polygon function. I don't care about the error at the moment because I want to see the current results. For some reason my draw function ...
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Resampling while drawing rasterfiles in QGIS 3?

I can not find a solution to resample my rasterfiles in QGIS 3. With Arcmap usually I use "resample while drawing" with the method cubic or bilinear interpolation for continuous data to smooth my ...
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Text Disappears After Creation using ArcMap?

I am using ArcMap 10.5. I'm just trying to add some text, and I have no idea why but for the last maybe 30min, after I create them, they just disappear. I have tried other draw features (lines, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Rotating shape around defined point instead of centroid in QGIS?

The rotate feature in QGIS 3 rotates shapes around the centroid of that shape (with our without a defined angle). When I start to rotate, I see that a cross appears at the centroid of that shape. I ...
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CadTools plugin functionality in QGIS 3 beyond Advanced Digitising Panel?

I've recently migrated to QGIS 3.6.0, and I've realised that the wonderful CadTools plugin is not compatible with QGIS 3. I tried to use the Advanced Digitising Panel, but it's cumbersome and not ...
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Drawing point and path graphic shapes in print layout of QGIS?

At QGIS 3.4.4, I would like to freehand draw points and paths (i.e. zigzag lines) graphic shapes on my print layout. However, I only see the option to draw rectangles, ellipses, and triangles, as ...
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QGIS3 Shape Digitizing Circles is Drawing Improperly

I'm trying to draw a circle in QGIS 3 with the shape digitizing toolbar. I've tried several of the "add circle" options and they all look normal while drawing, but once I click to finish the shape it ...
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Correcting Blender Error in ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I have a map featuring 4 data frames with the same/similar files in each data frame: esri world imagery basemap, and various shapefiles and feature classes pulling from the network. I reopened the ...
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