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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them.

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Issues loading a project with large non-local data in QGIS

I have some very large TIFFs from drone surveys that are on a Dropbox filing system. For anything to load in QGIS the file needs to be made available offline on Dropbox. Some of my projects have these ...
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QGIS crashing when trying to load a raster layer

I'm attempting to load an aerial photo for a map I'm making from a shared dropbox folder. As soon as I try to add the layer, the program freezes, and does not respond with anything besides a "...
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Import URL in QField on iPhone not working

I have the prepared project files stored in a folder in my Dropbox. It is the link to this folder I enter in the “Import URL”-field (I have also tried pasting a link to a zipped version of it). Not ...
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Warning "Remove the file from everyone's Dropbox" in ArcGIS Pro

I'm working on some basic maps in ArcGIS Pro and am using Dropbox as my storage. These files are accessible to other folks who are also working on the same project. I have been receiving messages from ...
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Sharing data in small remote organization

My company's GIS "department" currently consists of myself and another analyst, located in offices several states apart. We have been looking for ways to share GIS data between ourselves as ...
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Where does QGIS store info on a file's layers?

I am using QGIS 2.16 and keep my GIS data (e.g. shapefiles) and my QGIS project files all on Dropbox because I work in two locations. When I open up a file made in the first location at the second ...
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Can the QField Android App integrate with Dropbox (in order to open & edit/view a desktop Project)?

I have a project that I work on in QGIS (desktop), for which my project file and shapefiles / layers are all saved in my 'Dropbox' folders. I would like to be able to open, view and preferably edit ...
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Host LeafLet Page on Dropbox

Can anyone provide me with some information on hosting a LeafLet web map, created with the QGIS2Leaf plugin for QGIS, on Dropbox. I have used Droppages, however the webmap does not come in, it is a ...
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QGIS Merged Layers/ Cannot Find Windows "minidump" to Restore Past version off Dropbox

I've copied a layer style and was playing around with the display of a point layer when QGIS Valmiera 2.2 crashed. A recently-created polygon layers attributes are now appearing in the place of ...
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What is file upload limit on CartoDB?

We have a CartoDB Coronelli account with 300MB of spare space. I need to get a shapefile loaded that is 85MB in its .zip package. The file is sitting in a publicly accessible dropbox. 1: When I try ...
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Using Dropbox to Sync File GeoDatabases?

I've been able to accumulate a large free dropbox account and use it to Sync my GIS databases across several different PC's. I've just started doing this and havent had any problems thus far. But I am ...
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