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PostGIS ST_LocateAlong returns incorrect interpolated Points

Can anyone explain to me why this query returns 11 Points instead of 1? The queried 'measure' does not exist in the set of points so 'postgis' needs to do an interpolation. SELECT ST_AsText(...
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Making route event layer in QGIS?

In my situation: I have a CSV file with information about specific road segments: Road number, start kilometer, end kilometer. And I have road shapefile with Road numbers. The task is to create a ...
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Reducing excessive segmentation from Linear Referencing? [closed]

Can anyone suggest a resource which discusses different approaches to cleaning up linearly references events in order to minimize the occurrence of small dynamic segments? I'm working with many ...
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ArcMap sql server query not working in labeling

We have a computer that just upgraded to windows ten. This is the only computer on windows 10. The arcmap version and drivers for ODBC and sql seem to all match up. We are dynamically segmenting to ...
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Using Oracle Spatial for dynamic segmentation?

I am new to Oracle Spatial, my main objective is to conduct dynamic segmentation (DynSeg) on a selection of tables. I understand there is a rich Oracle Spatial API that has all kinds of functions and ...
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Live database connection to ArcMap for Linear Referencing?

Is it possible to have a live ArcMap 10.4 connection to a database that will update database changes without the need to export the database table as a GDB? Do I always have to do the export? I ...
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Dynamic Segmentation Error for segments in Geomedia Pro 2015

I have a couple of segments that I am trying to do Dynamic Segmentation on with Geomedia Professional 2015. I am using the EXACT same Route IDs for the segments and the EXACT same Postmiles for ...
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Dynamic segmentation with respect to a control factor

Is there a way either with python scripts or other solution to dynamically segment a table with linear measures (from-to fields) Each segmented section (from-to) should have all the item numbers ...
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Linear referenced data driven pages

I am trying to create a form of data driven page that incorporates linear referencing very similar to the "Linear referencing scenarios" example: I have a map that I will display on each page that ...
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ESRI Linear Referencing and negative lengths

I have been asked this question regarding Linear Referencing (for Arcmap 10.1), but i do not have much experience with it so I am hoping someone out there can help. Essentially, I want to know how ...
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How can i draw a perpendicular line in a stream segment in a regular interval of 30m? [duplicate]

I have a stream segment which is polyline feature. Now I want to draw a line which is perpendicular to stream segment at a interval of 30m. How can i do it using python ? Do you have idea on this .
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Create road speed limit segments with linear referencing

I have a route-feature class and a point feature class with speed limit signs. In ArcMap I am capable to reference the signs on the route with help of a reference field and using the locate features ...
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1 vote
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How can I locate features along multiple routes in a consistent direction?

I have a large network of routes that I've created based on an NHD plus stream layer and a large number of points that are located throughout this network. I've got the routes segregated by stream as ...
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Calculating path sinuosity in postgis

Sinuosity is a fairly straightforward concept. How can this be calculated in postgis given a series of linestrings that represent the path?
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Which Open Source GIS application support Linear Referencing and Dynamic Segmentation?

I'm looking for an Open Source GIS application that supports Linear Referencing and Dynamic Segmentation for the development of a road inventory system. I already know about GRASS but I'd like to know ...
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