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EarthPy makes it easier to plot and manipulate spatial data in Python.

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Connect two points on a plot of raster file

I need a plot of a raster file, on top of which I will be able to connect multiple points with a line. I managed to get the plots of my file with both rasterio and earthpy: from rasterio.plot import ...
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Masking clouds on Landsat8 with Python before NDVI [closed]

I'm new to remote sensing and trying to mask clouds with Python. I'm using the same method in Earth Data Science website (
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Python - Calculating Burned Area Index results in empty plot

I've followed this tutorial to calculate the dNBR Index, using the given sample tif files which contain a burned area. My results were as shown on the tutorial. So far so good. Then I tried to ...
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Issue with raster stacking

I tried raster stacking using the below code.I tried to read pixel values at a particular coordinate and few values are coming as zero where as when I tried reading the value before stacking there is ...
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Is it possible to display the embed color palette of a TIFF file using earthPy?

I try to display a map that I have created. This map embed a color palette that I can read in QGIS to obtain directly this kind of display : I discovered recently that I can as well directly plot ...
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Crop/clip raster with shapefile that do not overlap

I have shapefile that intersects with a raster but do not fully overlap : I would like to clip the raster with this shapefile but every time I try I get this error message: ValueError: Input shapes ...
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Handling nodata values in raster in Python

I would like to set value of raster -999.0 as NaN in crop_image function, while reading/cropping file: for band_path in range_bands: # open raster as numpy array by in content manager(...
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earthpy.spatial stack() -function and data type

I have Landsat-8 OLI images in directories named after image WRS-2 scenes. I tried to compose script that would iterate these directories and stack rasters within each directory - using earthpy python ...
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