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Filter long shaped polygons

I have a PostGIS database with a layer of 60k polygons, some of them erroneous. These erroneous polygons are extremely narrow, long shaped. Maybe I can best describe them as 'Needle' shaped polygons. ...
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Detect if features are next to each other but not overlapping using Turf.js

I would like to detect if two features are only sharing one or more edges but do not overlap using Turf.js. What I have tried so far is using all the relevant boolean functions of turf. Unfortunately ...
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How to compute edges intensity (edgeness factor) as texture feature

I am trying to extract texture features from an image. I am interested in extracting the Mean and Standard Deviation of the edge intensity (edgeness factor). These texture measures were described by ...
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Distance to forest edge in R

I have a raster layer consisting 41 forest polygons and would like to calculate the distance of forest pixels to the edge within each forest polygon. I tried the code below but the result looks like ...
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Edge detection from Google Earth basemap in QGIS

I would like to detect boundaries of agricultural fields for 70 different polygons spread out across a country. Is it possible to run an edge detection algorithm using the google earth (or equivalent) ...
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Remove scene edge pixel error in annual composites in GEE

The median reducer over the cloud masked image collection is unable to remove the edge pixel error at a few scenes. Although the cloudmasking function has the code to remove such edge pixels not ...
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Apply Canny edge filter on raster failes with scikit-image

I have raster with one band and I would like to do edge detection with Canny edge filter. This is my raster: I have opened it with rasterio and covert it into array :"raster.tif&...
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