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Questions tagged [encryption]

Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.

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Set GeoServer's password encryption to "Strong PBE" via REST API

On GeoServer 2.24.2 I want to set the password encryption to "Strong PBE" via REST API. In the GUI one can navigate "Settings" -> "Security": I do not want to do this ...
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2 answers

Security risk while sharing QGIS project with WMS Basic Authentication details

In our organisation we share QGIS projects with one and another. We have a subscription for a WMS-server and this subscription is used in every project within the company. This subscription is ...
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How are WFS/WMS APIs secured?

Here's a dumb question, about something I barely understand. Please forgive me if even the premise of the question is wrong. When a WFS or WMS API is secured behind a password, is it then always also ...
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Problem with LoadLibrary and encrypted DLL

I'm using QGIS and I try to implement a new function into my plugin. For that I need to use a DLL which is encrypted. In my C++ test application I don't have any problems to use that DLL with ...
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Adding Encryption options to GeoServer SQL Server connection

I have set up an HTTPS connection between GeoServer and an Azure database using the SQL Server extension, however I would like to add encryption options to the connection string. Is this possible in ...
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Enabling HTTPS with GeoServer with SQL extension

I have set up GeoServer (2.15.11) on a Windows server machine and have connected it to an Azure database using the SQL Server extension. However, because SQL queries and parameters are done in plain ...
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1 answer

Setting SSL Cipher Suites in Portal Admin

I am trying to update the SSL cipher suites (to be in compliance with my org security requirements) at '/portal/portaladmin/security/sslCertificates/update' according to this page I am getting: ...
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1 vote
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ArcGIS Server getToken Encrypted Password with Python

I originally posted this in the geonet, but unfortunately got crickets. I'd like to fetch an ArcGIS Server token with a python web service and an encrypted password. I have it working nicely with ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Encryption of spatial data, GIS access and cloud synchronization

I'd like to encrypt a folder of many spatial datasets (rasters and shapes) because my office computer is shared with others. I've never used this kind of security but I think I should preserve my data ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to encrypt vector tiles JSON response

I am using TileStache to serve vector tiles from Postgres and using Tangram to display these tiles by passing urlhttp://localhost:8080/composite/{z}/{x}/{y}.json in the data source. The response i get ...
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