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Point pattern analysis suggestions - at risk habitats

I have two point datasets across a state. Locations that have sensitive vegetation and locations of threatened wildlife Recorded locations of damage / degradation occurrences The data as you'd ...
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Convert OMI/AURA No2 data from molecules/cm2 to micrograms/m3 (µg/m3)

Currently, I am working on OMI/AURA NO2 data which is in molecules/cm2. I need to convert it to micrograms/m3 (µg/m3) to compare with the O3 concentrations. I have gone through the user guide for OMI ...
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Environmental Analytical Lab Data to Geodatabase

What is the best way to get groundwater analytical data into a GIS geodatabase? The data is currently in Excel format, but there are options from the lab for other file extensions dbf. What is ...
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Using Python Dictionary to label subscript formatting ArcMap 10.6 [duplicate]

*Updated Question at bottom Update #3 I need to label chemical formulas out of the attribute table but the attribute table doesn't recognize anything but plain text. Therefore I have built a ...
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SAR spectral signatures for oil spill detection from different sensors

I have a rather general question about supervised classification for oil spill detection. I want to apply supervised classification on the ESA SNAP dark spot detection tool results. My question is: if ...
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What is the best way NDVI can be used for assessment of remediation level of ecosystem (after nuclear accident)?

I am thinking about ways to assess efficiency of various bioremediation methodologies and self-remediation of an ecosystem polluted with nuclear waste. I would like to use NDVI as an assessment ...
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Form Creation for use in ArcMap [closed]

I am using ArcMap 10.2. I am trying to create a form to use in the field (on a construction site). This form will be used to inspect features such as a inlet. My main goal is to have the ...
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Working with intersecting polar grids

I'm having some trouble figuring out the best way handle some GIS data. I want to analyze pollution from specific sites at specific points. I have a list of sites I'm interested in all across the ...
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How to organize random spatial data for an area of interest?

I'm trying to take a huge amount of spatial data for a specific 200,000 acre area, collected over 15 years dating back to 2000, and organize it. The data layers relate to wildfires, habitat ...
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joining non-spatial pollution model (csv file) to Qgis

I have csv file with concentration data but without coordinates. Start of pollution concentration connect with that one point on map. Is there any chance ? Start of pollution concentration ...
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Satellite Images for the Mediterranean Sea Oil Spill

I am looking to obtain free satellite images to detect oil spills in the Mediterranean sea. What sensors would be most appropriate for this task and where can I download this type of data?
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Mapping carbon sequestration potential as green infrastructure function? [closed]

I have a small project where I have to do mapping of potential areas for carbon sequestration in the Adelaide Metropolitan area in South Australia. I have no idea what data do I need. So far looking ...
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How does ModelBuilder compare with Vensim and Stella for environmental modeling? [closed]

Does anyone have any advice or has anyone experienced any limitations in ArcGIS software when trying to use model builder for any type of environmental phenomenon? I know that Vensim and Stella can be ...
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GIS used to analyse micro-environment

Can anybody give me some articles or show me some link where GIS is used to analyse and manage micro-environment, such as a college campus or a small locality. I need to do a project on micro-...
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How to produce a vegetation stress map utilizing the spectral blue shift of the red edge?

I am interested in mapping vegetation stress utilizing the blue shift to the red edge phenomenon in remote sensing. The figure below shows the expected change in reflectance of green leaves under ...
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Forest Coverage - European free GIS datasets

Where can I find GIS data for the Forest coverage for the entire Europe? Is there such a product available for free? I am looking for raster or vector (polygons) with the information of the % of ...
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Ozone concentration when providing coordinates

Does anybody know where can I find data about ozone? I used TOMS, but it seems that data are not available anymore. What I used to do to retrieve data was specifying lat/lon coordinates and then ...
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