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ER Mapper is a software package distributed by ERDAS.

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Erdas Er Mapper: Annotation vector layer to Shapefile

I mapped some lines on Er Mapper 2014 with the Annotation tool (Add vector layer > Annotation/Map composition), so these lines are georeferenced and they got a specific width and colour. I saved ...
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How to display the one band layer in pseudocolor using ERDAS Imagine?

I am a new user in ERDAS imagine and i found it hard to turn the single band raster data from grey color to pseudocolor using ERDAS imagine. This process could be easier to be performed using ER ...
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How to mask clouds in ER Mapper?

I am using ER Mapper. But, I'm still confused how to detect and mask the clouds. I want to reduce or eliminate the cloud to perform supervised and unsupervised classification.
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Floor height creation from Aerial Lidar/Imagery only

I was wondering if it is possible to generate the floor heights of buildings from aerial lidar? We don't have terrestrial lidar or stereo imagery. I don't need the ground DEM level or the roof (DSM) ...
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Mosaicing many large ECW files for display in ArcGIS Server apps

I have about 200 ECW files of recently acquired 1-foot resolution aerial photos. Its about 15GB worth, covering over 250 sq. miles. Unfortunately, you need a license from ER Mapper that runs about $...
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