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Cannot overwrite feature class file in gdb while occupied by ArcGIS Pro (Python script and ArcPy package)

I wrote the following piece of code that loops over a map features and buffer them. new buffer layers are saved to a different gdb with in this project. If I run the code from IDLE while that project ...
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Python script to import CSV data to a geodatabase

I am trying to import CSV data into an existing geodatabase in ArcMap. I want to import to the existing geodatabase fields to ensure my CSV data satisfies whatever rules are set up in the geodatabase. ...
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Replacing ghost feature class in ArcSDE

I deleted SiteAddressPoint in the enterprise geodatabase. Now when I try to replace it I get an error that says it already exists. I have disconnected all connections and cleared locks. I have gone ...
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arcpy.Delete_management not working?

I've updated the code with the suggestions in the code but still not working. arcpy.env.workspace = r'F:\EGM722 - Customising GIS apps\Assignment\folklore.gdb' arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True arcpy....
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Debugging ArcPy error 000258?

I have written a script that searches through microstation CADD files, finds ones that conform to a certain naming convention, and pulls them into a geodatabase using the CADtoGeodatabase tool. This ...
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Merging Two Identical Feature Classes in ArcPy?

I used the arcGIS tool feature class to feature class to successfull merge two identical feature classes [one with partial data and the other resting on a database connection]. However when I attempt ...
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Output not overwritten despite "overwriteOutput = True"

As I understand it, overwriteOutput is an environment setting that controls whether an output overwrites an existing file of a duplicate name. Just re-checked the help pages, which confirms. Despite ...
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Using where clause with FeatureClassToFeatureClass?

I want to split the shapefile with a field called FULLNAME and save those records with same FULLNAME to a new shapefile, which is the split by attribute. The following code has an error for the last ...
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Run model in MXD using Python

I'm very new to python so please bear with me. I am trying to run a model that exports a .wm feature to a geodatabase feature class. The .wm file extension is for software that is used to update ...
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Move features from one layer to another existing layer

How can I move Selected features from one layer to another existing layer? I have tried Copy (Data Management), Copy Features (Data Management), But I got the error: ExecuteError: ERROR 000258: ...
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