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Append column of .csv file to attribute table of a feature class

I am quite new to ArcMap. I want to add a column of a .csv file to the end of the attribute table of a feature class. The column and the attribute table are of the same length. I tried to use the "...
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ERROR 000338 when appending two datasets into one with arcpy

In an enterprise geodatabase with three datasets I'm trying to append two of the datasets into the third, however I get an error which states that Inputs must be either all Feature Classes, Tables or ...
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ArcPy Append GDB's

I have two GDB's that are the same schema. One is a master GDB that we are appending other individual GDB's into. The GDB's contain several points, polys, lines, and tables as well as 2 datasets with ...
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Error message trying to merge Shapefiles in Python

I try to merge all Shapefiles from one folder together into one, using this: shapeList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() print shapeList for fc in shapeList: if fc == "*domain*": arcpy....
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Appending feature classes from one geodatabase to another geodatabase for python

I am attempting to write a stand alone python script which will loop through the first GDB and append each feature class to its corresponding feature class in the second GDB. The error code that I ...
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