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000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock. Either being edited or in use by another application, is an ESRI software code.

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How to Fix ArcGIS Pro error Cannot get exclusive schema lock. Either being edited or in use by another application or service

I am trying to complete an Add Join between a shapefile and a .csv table in ArcGIS Pro. I downloaded the shapefile from a government website, and I created the CSV with my own data. I want to join ...
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Cannot overwrite feature class file in gdb while occupied by ArcGIS Pro (Python script and ArcPy package)

I wrote the following piece of code that loops over a map features and buffer them. new buffer layers are saved to a different gdb with in this project. If I run the code from IDLE while that project ...
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ERROR 000464 when trying to update domains

I have a python script which runs nightly to update a few domains in an Enterprise Geodatabase (Oracle). I'm using the arcpy.TableToDomain_management tool. The script works fine unless there are ...
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Schema Lock ERROR 000464 when ArcMap is open

I am having an issue with schema locks while working on feature classes within a file geodatabase in ArcMap. There have been similar posts to mine (Avoiding exclusive schema lock error with ArcPy?). ...
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Negotiating ArcPy schema locks in script

How do I avoid the 000464 (Cannot get exclusive schema lock) error in this code caused by the last line? import arcpy import os geodatabase = 'C:/Data/testgdb.gdb' fc_name = 'test_feature_class' ...
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ArcGIS Pro removes layer from project if data source is deleted

I have a script that deletes a feature class and then recreates it. I've noticed that in ArcGIS Pro 2.0, as soon as a feature class is deleted, if there are any map layers that have that feature ...
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Adding Spatial Index for Geometric Network?

I am trying to create Spatial Indexes on all the feature classes in one of my databases. It has worked fine on most feature classes so far, but when I started on feature classes in a feature dataset ...
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arcpy.SpatialJoin_analysis() not overwriting existing featureclass, not returning all features

I'm calling a python script from a custom very high level macro language script. Within the python script there is an arcpy.SpatialJoin_analysis() command. For some reason if the output from this ...
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Add Field giving ERROR 000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock

I'm doing an interface using ArcMap 10.2 and Python scripts that run at Python window. For each time that my script run, I need to update information, so I think that I need to delete originals tables ...
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Deleting ArcGIS Project created using ArcGIS Pro?

I have deleted a few ArcGIS Projects, created using ArcGIS Pro, by using Windows Explorer to delete the folder that contains them. However, I thought that, as long as the project (not the current ...
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Debugging ERROR 000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock?

I am trying to run the "Near" tool in Arcmap. Both my layers involved are on a SDE database. When I run the tool I get the following error... ERROR 000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock. ...
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Splitting street in Address table which participates in Relationship Class (1-M)?

I have a table "Addresses" and the Feature "streets". The feature "Streets" are lines. I need to do a relation with this table with this feature. What I do? I tried built a "relationship class". The ...
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Avoiding exclusive schema lock error with ArcPy?

I have a script for updating some features on my database every night (just for copying and replacing some features). This features are "read-only". My problem is that I can't avoid that these ...
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Geocoding failure on concurrent requests with arcgis-10.0

I've created a small python synchronous geoprocessing script (ctagc) that runs on AGS. The script accepts a table (GPRecordSet) as an input parameter. The script then calls arcpy....
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Opening ArcCatalog to FGDB causes application to fall over

I have some python scripts I have written to create a lot of objects. I write these, in code, to a couple of FGDB's. If I happen to open ArcCatalog in one of these FGDB's, the application falls over,...
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