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Questions tagged [error-000539]

Use this tag for Questions which are related to the "000539" error returned by ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.

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Map algebra raster calculator

I am attempting a GIS tutorial on land change analysis between two rasters. I have set the extent and raster analysis to what I have been given and used the expression below. However, it is not ...
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Error 000539 in ArcGIS Desktop?

I am using Raster Calculator in ArcGIS 10.4.1 in order to substract two raster surfaces. However, when I substracted the two surfaces an error 000539 was appeared! I tried to adjust the two surfaces ...
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ArcGIS Raster Calculator Error 000539

I am getting the error-000539: Error running expression: rcexec(). I've seen that other people have this same issue but I am not sure how to fix mine. I just want to average the values of 10 rasters, ...
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Dividing the values of one rasters on a cell-by-cell basis

I have been trying to divide an ArcGIS (ver 10.5) generated raster layer by a constant and continue to receive errors (Error - 000539). My first attempt was to simply divide the raster by my ...
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Error 00539 Invalid Field... spelling correctly?

I'm attempting to calculate a field with an expression, that will detect the number of stores per 100,000 people. It keeps sending back an error stating I have an invalid name... but it's the same ...
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Raster calculator for RUSLE (six factors)

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.8. I have tried many time to estimate soil loss by RUSEL, using R, K, LS, C and P factors. However raster calculator failed. The message suggest was here: Error 000539 2)...
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Not sure why I am getting a raster error (Error 000732) when incorporating parameter weights in my raster calculation?

Not sure if it is an error on my part, or Esri. I am just running a model in ModelBuilder that incorporates the weights for four of the parameters in the raster calculation. It seems to run find ...
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Iterating through Calculate Field using ArcPy

I have three shapefiles as points that I am trying to create new fields for and fill in the fields with a string descriptor. I am then trying to merge all three point files deleting every field but ...
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Syntax for Field Calculator in ModelBuilder of ArcGIS Pro

I'm migrating a legacy ModelBuilder tool that has a VB code block in it to ArcGIS Pro 2.9. It's a straightforward issue: The model runs a Calculate Field process. If the field is not null, do nothing,...
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ArcMap shows error 000539 for NDSI calculation

I want to run Raster Calculator to calculate NDSI from atmospherically corrected Landsat images, but it shows error 000539 and some other errors. I downloaded bulk data (Landsat collection 2 level-2) ...
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Using Raster calculator gives ERROR 000539

I'm new with ArcGIS. I would like to do a calculate of NDWI. So I'm using Arctoolbox => Spatial analyst tools => Map Algebra => Raster calculator. But when I'm trying to perform it, I get this error :...
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Getting ERROR 000539 running Raster Calculator in ModelBuilder?

I am trying to run Raster Calculator in ModelBuilder, however I am getting what looks like two errors after my model reaches a certain step: ERROR 000539: Error running I'm not sure if it is a ...
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Raster Calculator - Error 000539: Error running expression

I'm trying to simply combine 5 different rasters in raster calculator to do a site suitability analysis using this map algebra expression: "bo_reclasstemph3" + "bo_reclassph" + "bo_raster_precip" + "...
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