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Search Cursor toolbox Error 000601 (Python)

I'm trying to create a toolbox that utilizes a SearchCursor (with ArcGis Pro) to filter a layer with another's attributes. This is my first attempt and I've ran into some errors I don't know how to ...
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Using ArcPy to overwrite one SDE feature class with another SDE feature class (from different SDE)

I am a beginner with Python and ArcPy. I am trying to write a Python script that will overwrite the viewer copy of our data with the most recent editor copy. Here is the code I am running through the ...
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ArcPy with ArcMap cannot delete file

I have a Python tool to calculate some simple statistics on a lot of features. I use arcpy.Statistics_analysis to create a DBF file with stats for a feature class, register the results, then pass to ...
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Delete Database using ModelBuilder

I used the ModelBuilder to create a module that can automatically create a database to store the intermediate outputs and save the final output (one shapefile) in a folder. User can choose which ...
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Feature class may be locked in ArcPy

I have a script that clips 20 feature classes and delete the "clip in file" (fcin). My problem is that the script fails on 3 of the feature classes with error "May be locked by another application" ...
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Deleting or replacing existing table in ArcPy gives ERROR 000601?

I'm doing an interface with ArcGIS 10.2 ando Python 2.7 scripts. I can create new tables with arcpy, but when I run a second time, to replace created tables I need to delete the existing tables to ...
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Using os.remove in ArcGIS Python script tool?

I have a Python script that I want to turn into a scripting tool in ArcGIS. Part of the script creates several SDE database connection files, creates a versions using those connection files, and then ...
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Overwriting files in ArcSDE with ArcPy gives ERROR 000601

I'm having a great deal of difficulty overwriting files when using ArcSDE. The usual 'arcpy.env.overwriteOutput' method doesn't seem to work. When I run this script: import arcpy from arcpy import ...
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Deleting file geodatabase with ModelBuilder when it has features in it gives ERROR 000601

I built a simple tool that creates 2 file GDBs for my work needs, and another to delete them after the job is done. When the GDBs are empty, the delete tool works fine. However, when there are files ...
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