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Use when first error seen by ArcGIS/ArcPy procedure/code is ERROR 000628

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Using RemapRange for Reclassify in ArcPy gives ERRORS 000622 and 000628?

I am trying to reclassify a raster, "Conifer_Focl", which lives in inputData.gdb. The max value for "Conifer_Focl" is 33.217064. I'm looking to reclassify as: I am following the instructions from ...
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ApplySymbology does not recognize existing layer (ArcMap 10.6.1)

I have a script that (1) loops through a each row in a feature class; (2) creates temporary_layer_1 with the selected feature; (3) zooms to the extent of temporary_layer_1; (4) creates ...
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Cannot set input into parameter error on second iteration

On the second iteration of the loop starting line 7 I get the following error. Everything works as intended on the first iteration. Any ideas on why this is failing the second time around? Error: ...