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ArcGIS Reclassify fails in Python Toolbox

I'm trying to build a Python Toolbox to analyze submarine landslides. Among other things I want to run the aspect tool and then reclassify the aspects into groups with a 45 degree interval. Therfore I ...
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Cell Statistics Error 000864: Overlay statistic: The input is not within the defined domain

I am trying to find the sum of a list of rasters using Cell Statistics in ArcPy. I am getting the following message: 'ERROR 000864: Overlay statistic: The input is not within the defined domain.' I ...
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Creating unique cell values for raster?

I have a raster which shows the probability that a cell will be used (raster_Use). I also have a points file that shows mortality locations (points_Morts). I have overlain points_Morts onto raster_Use ...
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Batch processing Cell Statistics in ArcGIS using Python - ERROR 000864

The Below script is designed to take all raster (.txt ascii rasters) in a specified folder, add them to a list with the file paths, use the file paths stored in the list in the cell statistics tool to ...
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Reclassifying "service area" in ArcGIS Desktop?

I have created service area from few point, and now I would like to reclassyfy it, but when i try to do it I can see the message: ERROR 000864 Input raster: The input is not within the defined ...
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