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Questions tagged [error-000875]

Use this tag for Questions which are related to the "000875" error returned by an ESRI software code.

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ERROR 000875: Output raster is an invalid output workspace

The following script uses the function viewshed2 and works without problems: import arcpy from import * import os import datetime #Input parameters location = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0) ...
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Why do I get "invalid workspace" error message using

I am reclassifying a raster in a Python Toolbox as part of my workflow. When I test the code in a normal Python script (.py), my code works; however, when running in a Python Toolbox I get ERROR ...
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Error 000875 when using setting workspace with user input for slope spatial analyst tool

Why does the slope tool run fine until I use a user input to set the workspace? Background: Below you will see the code that works fine at the top preceded by ##. When I change the workspace to be ...
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Invalid Output Workspace error when executing Slope_3d as WPS [closed]

I wrote a small toolbox that calculates the slope in degrees of a given .tif file, stores the ouput to a local folder on my computer and generates 2 by 2 tiles. The toolbox works fine, the publishing ...
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4 votes
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Error when running Extract by Mask Script

I am using ArcGIS 10.3 Desktop to write a script tool to, among other things, extract raster data using a mask. I keep getting these errors: ExecuteError: ERROR 000875: Output raster: C:\...
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Criteria for accessing Workspace and its subfolders using ArcPy?

I am wondering when I can access the workspace and its subfolders with Arcpy tools (using ArcGis 10.2). I have a raster in following directory: E:/folder/sub1/sub2/sub3/raster.tif Now I set the ...
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1 answer

Resolving invalid workspace error

I have been using a third party ArcGIS tool called Landscape Fragmentation Tool. I originally had some troubles getting it to work correctly. Approximately 3 weeks ago I thought I had resolved those ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Error When Trying to Run Slope Analysis Script

I have written a script which is supposed to loop through all the rasters in a folder and perform a slope analysis on each raster and save the results in another folder. I keep getting the following ...
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