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Questions tagged [esri-grid-format]

Use for questions about the Esri Grid format (which may be recognised by its *.adf files)

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2 answers

Loading *.adf files into QGIS

How do I load .adf files into QGIS?
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GDAL_translate: converting ESRI GRID to Geotiff in batch

The Challenge: To batch convert 1000 rasters in ESRI Grid binary to Geotiff using either using a batch file or Python 2.7 without ArcGIS/Arcpy module. The Tools: Win7Pro, GDAL 1.9.2 (via OSGeo4W), ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Exporting GRID to TIFF keeping (classified) symbology using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I want to export an esri grid-raster into a *.tiff without losing the symbology I created for the grid (the symbology is classified). No matter how I try to solve it I get a stretched symbology in a ...
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16 votes
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Converting XYZ files (with regularly spaced xy) to ESRI GRID format?

Normally consultants (LiDAR survey) provide me with data to my specifications; already in ESRI GRID or ASCII GRID format. This way LiDAR data can be easily used with ArcGIS. This time I only have xyz ...
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"Invalid Data Source" When trying to open many w001001.adf files

I have a folder with more than 9,000 subfolders, each with ESRI GRID files. Here's the setup of the directories and subdirectories. Data-folder - be_rasters -- 692500_725000 --- dblbnd.adf --- hdr....
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Raster vs Grid vs Lattice terminology?

I have a question about GIS terminology - what is the difference between grid and raster and grid and lattice - in theory?? I thought, that raster is regular network and value is in the cell and the ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Reading National Elevation Dataset (ArcGrid/GridFloat/IMG) with Python only tools?

I've found high precision elevation (1/3 - 1/9 arcsecond resolution) data from the National Elevation Dataset provided by the USGS. It comes int IMG, Arcgrid, and GridFloat formats. I know ArcGrid ...
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How to convert ESRI grid file to ASCII format, or otherwise import into matlab

I need to import a climate map downloaded from WorldClim into Matlab for manipulation with the mapshow command. I am comfortable reading in ASCII grid data into matlab, but this format is not ...
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Displaying Esri Grid Format correctly in ArcMap?

I think I've come across a Bug in ArcMap 10 in displaying rasters. This particular model comes from the USGS GAP Species dataset with metadata hosted here. I'd like to know if anyone else has ...
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RuntimeError: ERROR 010240 in Con operation in arcpy

I am dabbling with the resolution of the error says: RuntimeError: ERROR 010240: Could not save raster dataset to as attached as a screen shot. I am working with a DEM file and trying to generate ...
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How to cope with imprecision in floating-point grids?

I have a floating point grid/raster and will want to make all values rounded to the nearest tenth. I have converted to integer (added 0.5 for rounding), but the final floating point output grid is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is causing these streaks in my output tif using arcpy.CopyRaster_management?

This is the line of code that is creating these ... arcpy.CopyRaster_management(raster, fname, "DEFAULTS","0","","","ColormapToRGB","8_BIT_UNSIGNED") and I did have a colormap file with specifics to ...
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Creating function in R that processes rasters in Esri grid format? [duplicate]

I have loads of data (6500 files that I need to process and find yearly winter sums/averages/variance for. the format for my naming system is Syyyymmdd_rp. Each file is in the same file folder. I ...
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