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Questions tagged [esri-maps-office]

Esri Maps for Office is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the capabilities of Esri’s mapping platform to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint users

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Taking Esri Maps for Office OFFLINE

Is Esri Maps for Office available offline? AKA, if I build a beautiful PPT with an interactive map, can I bring this presentation to a client or conference and present to them without having to ...
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Broken Data Connections between Esri Maps for Office and ArcGIS Online after update?

We have a workflow in place where a spreadsheet is updated daily with new location data, synced to ArcGIS Online (AGOL), and then viewed in an AGOL web map and web app for informational purposes. ...
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Any open source alternative for ESRI maps for office

I am looking for an alternative for ESRI maps for office. I know it is very good product for analyzing data within MS office environment. My requirement: -I have few stores data contains location ...
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why does ESRI Maps For Office login window disappear and did not login?

I recently tried out the ESRI maps for office. After in installed it, i tried to login in excel. it was a success. I then proceed to try it out in PowerPoint. However, when the sign in window appear ...
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ArcGIS vector tile layer [view:goto-interrupted]: Goto was interrupted error

I am using vector tile layer in my Angular project to load ESRI map const point = { type: "point", // autocasts as new Point() longitude: long, latitude: ...
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Export excel with map embedded

In arcgis office you have a functionality to add a map to an excel. Now, i want to give an option to export an excel from my application(javascript, .net, or anything else) to allow the user to ...
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