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ET GeoWizards is a set of functions that help ArcGIS users manipulate data.

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ET_GPBufferPolylines doesn't work

i have a problem with an ET GeoWizard function or maybe just a basic syntax problem. I need to use a script that someome else wrote and which does things that i do not completely understand ...
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How to create polygons from box type coordinates using ET GeoWizards?

I have a table that has an ID and coordinates for Left, Right, Top, Bottom and I would like to create rectangles out of those coordinates. This rectangles should have around 4 km per side. Using ET ...
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Using ETGeoWizard functions in ArcPy?

I have ETGeo Wizard license and I would like to run the functions via ArcPy instead of running them in ArcMap. However, the functions works in ArcMap but not in a script. one of the example is ...
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Many-to-One Join while Maintaining Attributes in New Fields [closed]

I am struggling to find the correct tool to do what I want and I feel I am overlooking something simple... I am working with census blocks and internet providers in those census blocks. I have a ...
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What is the python command line syntax of "Generate Wizard" in ET GeoWizards in ArcGIS?

I have the text file formatted as follows ID,Z 1,4.000 366472.538,6353290.852 366477.538,6353289.003 END ID,Z 2,4.000 366892.538,6353534.939 366894.951,6353537.289 366897.538,6353540.591 366898.814,...
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Creating polygon grid in ArcGIS model using ET Geowizard?

When bring in the vector grid extent tool from ET Geowizards surface tools into a model An error pops up: ERROR 00824 The tool is not licensed Outside of the model the tool works fine. What I need ...
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Checking availability of ET Geowizards license

I would like to run a script that uses some tools from the ET Geowizards toolbox. I have a valid license for it but sometimes the license server at work is off. If the server is off then some of the ...
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How to solve "error 000816: The tool is not valid" with ET Geowizards tools?

I have installed ET Geowizards 11.2 for ArcGIS 10.3 using setup.exe and followed the instructions. I am using ArcGIS 10.3. I can use ET Geowizards tools from the toolbar and I can run them in ...
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Error ET Geowizard Clean Polygon() takes no arguments (3 given)

I want to clean polygon feature classes with ET Geowizards (clean polygon) because I cannot find any tool within ArcMap (ArcInfo) that does the same. I have really small gaps within the polygons (but ...
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ET Geotools Split Lines at Vertices Issue

This might seem like a really simple question but for whatever reason I can't figure it out. How do I run the split line tool in ET Geotools on an entire polyline layer? I can do it for a single ...
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ArcView: Trim polyline, that is shorter than specific dangle length (alternative to tool: Trim Line)?

I am looking for a way to trim dangles from a polyline shape, that are shorter than a specific length like the Trim Line Tool for ArcEditor and ArcInfo, but with ArcView-License. I already discover, ...
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ET Geowizards "configuration system failed to initialize Open Main Dialog - Click" error

The following error appears when I run any ET Geowizard extension: "Configuration system failed to initialize Open Main Dialog - Click". I am using ArcGIS 10.1 on Windows 7 Professional, SP1. The ET ...
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Converting Points to Lines in ArcGIS Desktop and retaining attributes of both start and end points?

I have a table with animal location points. I need to calculate movement distances between points from the same animal. So I thought I would create lines from the points, which are linked by an animal ...
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ET Geowizards: Table Already Exists Log Error

I have a license for ET Geowizards and I keep coming up with an error using various tools. Most recently I have been using the Global Snap Polylines tool. I ran it a few times and then it randomly ...
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How to use ET GeoWizard tools or Xtools Pro in ModelBuilder or Python to automate processing?

Is it possible to use ET GeoWizard or XTools Pro tools in automation of mapping in either in ModelBuilder or Python?
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