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Calculating Mean Euclidean distance to nearest PA boundary

I have a boundary file for a study region which is completely a forested region. I would like to create a raster: a euclidean distance raster to calculate the distance of each cell from the boundary ...
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Algorithm for point to polygon distance calculations in shapely

I want to calculate the distance from a point to a polygon. If I run point.distance(polygon) Will it: Search the points that compose the exterior boundary of the polygon, select the closest point ...
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ArcGIS Pro Accumulate Distance Vs Euclidean Distance

I am using a very simple sample dataset to create a Euclidean distance surface from the source point. I used the Euclidean Distance tool and also the Accumulate Distance tool. To my surprise, these ...
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Euclidean Distance error in ArcMap 10.8.2

I'm a beginner in GIS. I've trying to form a buffer for: a road layer and 3 others: rivers, villages and protected areas in ArcMap using Euclidean Distance tool, but I'm getting an error when I set ...
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Calculating sum of Euclidian distances from one point to multiple points within buffer in QGIS

I want to calculate the sum of the inverse distances from one main point to multiple other points within a buffer around the main point in QGIS I have a point file with multiple home addresses (red ...
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Why is r.grow.distance in GRASS GIS returning a raster with all values = 0?

I'm trying to create a raster map that contains "Euclidean" distances to roads from another raster that contains said roads, by using r.grow.distance in GRASS GIS. The command executes ...
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st_distance() hangs with large number of points in R

I am using sf::st_distance() to calculate a distance matrix in R. I have around 30,000 polygons, and I am running this analysis on a computing cluster with ~500G of RAM. I understand that 30,000 ...
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Use the EucDistance function of ArcPy in PyCharm

I failed to calculate the Euclidean distance with the EucDistance function in the PyCharm. The codes are as follows. import arcpy from arcpy import env from import * arcpy.env.overwriteOutput ...
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How to make buffers based off of Manhattan Distance rather than Euclidean distance

I have buffers which need a 1.6 mile radius. However, I want them to be radii for walking distances rather than Euclidean distance to more accurately reflect the data I'm working with. Is this ...
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Find Euclidean distance based on cell size [closed]

Usually, Euclidean distance is defined as squareroot((x1 - x2)^2 - (y1-y2)^2) but, instead of having x and y values you have a cell size of 20. How can to calculate the Euclidean distance between the ...
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ArcGIS Pro: Zonal statistics as table runs sucessfully but generates a blank table

I am trying to find the average distance between locations in a relocated town. I am using the site addresses as the common feature between the tables as those stayed the same. I run the euclidean ...
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Partly empty spaces in output after using euclidean allocation

I have a polygon area with three smaller polygons in it. I would like to use the euclidean allocation tool from ArcGIS Pro in order to extend the three smaller polygons up to the border of the ...
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Calculating shortest distance between points within polygon using QGIS Continued - by group and ordered by longitude

I am trying to use something similar to the least cost paths in SAGA in order to draw a line through various points, grouped by unique ID levels, and ordered by longitude, and restrict it to a raster. ...
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How to generate Euclidean distance for each polygon in shapefile?

I have a single shapefile with many polygons, 100 for this example. I want to iterate through each polygon to generate a Euclidean distance raster for each polygon, using the extents of the initial ...
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